[HOT] : When Instagram deletes artist Metaverse’s account in favor of his parent company (PART TWO)

This isn’t the first problem since Facebook’s name change.

“This account represents a decade of my life and my work. I didn’t want my contribution to the metaverse wiped off the internet, ”Thea-Mai Baumann told The Times. “It happens to women in tech, women of color in tech, all the time,” said Thea-Mai Baumann, who is of Vietnamese descent.

A spokesperson for Meta reiterated the company’s statement to Insider, saying she was “sorry this has happened.”

The company changed its name to reflect its goal of expanding into the Metaverse, a futuristic virtual world where people could live, play and work with digital avatars. “Now we have a new north star,” said Mark Zuckerberg when he announced the band’s name change at the end of October. “From now on, we’re going to be Metaverse first, not Facebook first”.

This is not the first story involving the name change from Facebook to Meta and companies operating with a similarly named brand. The company had to take the account name @wearemeta on Instagram because a Denver-based motorcycle magazine already had the @meta account.

And in early November, Zach Schutt, founder of Arizona-based electronics startup Meta PC, told Insider that the company registered the “Meta” trademark in August. The company had been using its brand since November 2020.

Meta filed for a trademark on October 28, according to its filing with the Patent and Trademark Office. But the nonprofit Chan Zuckerberg Initiative obtained ownership of the “META” brand in 2018, according to a separate filing.

“Deleted by mistake,” according to Instagram.

Last October, big news: the Facebook group becomes Meta, a rebranding that had made people talk all over the planet, while making us laugh on social networks. But in this story, not everything is smiling, and an Australian artist by the name of Thea-Mai Baumann paid the price, we learn from the New York Times.

In 2012, Thea-Mai opened an Instagram account and chose the pseudonym @metaverse. On this account, she posts photos of herself, of her life in Brisbane but also of her augmented reality company called Metaverse Makeovers. As the rumor swells about the rebranding of the Facebook group, Thea-Mai begins to receive mysterious private messages from various users. “You are going to become a millionaire!”, Wrote to him an Internet user. “Facebook isn’t going to buy, it’s going to take,” warns another user.

And that’s exactly what happened. On November 2, while trying to log into her account, she realizes that it has been deleted. The reason is displayed on his screen: “Your account has been blocked because it claims to be someone else.” While she tries to contact Instagram, she receives no response from them, and finds herself abandoned to her plight.

“This account represents a decade of my life and my work,” she told The New York Times. “This kind of thing happens all the time to women in the tech world and to women of color in the tech world,” she adds.

Fortunately, thanks to the visibility gained through the New York Times, his account has since been reinstated. An Instagram spokesperson also admitted that Thea-Mai Baumann’s account had been “deleted by mistake” and, moreover, took the trouble to apologize. However, it is still unclear whether this removal was “sponsored” by the Facebook group.

On Instagram, an artist has lost her account called “Metaverse”

His account was deactivated a few days after the name change from Facebook to Meta.

Private Instagram for a month. This is what happened to Thea-Mai Baumann, an Australian artist last November, reports the New York Times. She created an Instagram account in 2012, under the pseudonym @metaverse. A name she used in her creative work. She founded Metaverse Makeovers, a brand of holograms that uses augmented reality. It offers, for example, Metaverse Nails, collectible fashion accessories powered by a 3D application.

On November 2, when she tried to log onto Instagram, she discovered that her account had been deactivated. A message told him that his account had been blocked “for pretending to be someone else.” An action linked to a major decision of the first major social network: on October 28, Facebook announced that it was changing its name to become Meta, in order to better reflect its metaverse project. The rumor of this change was already circulating a few days before the official announcement. A person would have warned the artist about the name of his account: “fb is not going to buy it, they are going to take it”.

An error according to Meta

After being blocked on Instagram, Thea-Mai Baumann tried to verify her identity on the social network, but she did not get a response. It was only recently that the artist was able to recover his account. The New York Times says it contacted Meta on December 2 to find out the reason for the account closure. A spokesperson then told him that he had been “wrongly deleted for identity theft” and that he would be reinstated shortly. According to the American daily, the artist’s account was back online two days later. No explanation was provided as to why it was disabled.

This is not the first time that this kind of incident has occurred. In 2014, the Business Insider site told the story of a woman who could no longer log into Instagram. His account having been inactive for a while, his pseudonym @Kathleen had been given to another person of the same name, who turned out to be an employee of the social network. She also ended up recovering her account. The company then justified itself by explaining that its policy is to reassign usernames from accounts that have been inactive for some time.

Metaverse: artist’s Instagram account deleted because of Facebook

An Instagram user momentarily lost access to her account dubbed @metaverse, days after Facebook unveiled its plans to build the “future of the Internet”.

Would Facebook crush everything in its path? According to the New York Times, Australian artist Thea-Mai Baumann saw her Instagram account @metaverse, created in 2012, deleted from the social network just five days after the company’s name change to Meta.

The young woman, founder and CEO of hologram brand Metaverse Makeovers, used her @metaverse account to document her professional and personal life. His company, Metaverse Nails, notably offers an augmented reality experience from the application of false nails. “This account represents 10 years of my life and my work. I did not want my contribution to the Metavers to be erased from the Internet, ”she said indignantly.

Meanwhile, Instagram said via a spokesperson that the account was “mistakenly deleted for impersonation” and would be reinstated – it’s now done. However, this incident required some media coverage for the artist to obtain redress. She sees it as a political fact: “It happens to women in technology, to women of color in technology, all the time.”

Facebook (Meta) buys the name of a bank

Meta Platforms Inc., that is to say Facebook, is carrying out a blitzkrieg to appropriate everything that closely or remotely resembles the word “meta”. The firm is thus at the origin of an agreement of 60 million dollars for the acquisition of the assets of the brand Meta Financial Group, a regional bank on the other side of the Atlantic. The information was confirmed by a spokesperson for the social media giant on Monday, December 13.

According to Reuters, Meta Financial said on the same day in a regulatory filing that a Delaware company, Beige Key LLC, had agreed to acquire the global rights to its names. Meta Platforms has confirmed that Beige Key is affiliated with it.