[HOT] : Wild Rift Part five patch 2.5 rating


In general, when players use the Proto Belt during a rush, their goal is to go further to initiate or flee combat. Until now, activating the Protoetelt has interrupted the champion’s rush, so we’re adjusting it to be buffered until the rush animation ends. This change will make it easier to combine Proto Belt and skills, without having to wait for the perfect timing to press each button.

  • Using the Protoincture enchantment during a rush now buffers its effect to trigger at the end of the rush.


After watching the jungler’s post for the past year or so, we’ve decided to make changes to make the jungle less frenetic and combat harmful strategies, like gold funneling. Overall, these changes should be a bit of a nerf for junglers, as their position is the one with the most impact in Wild Rift right now.


We’ve seen the so-called PO channeling strategy grow in importance and overall it’s not a very healthy strategy. We are therefore making Punishment a little harder in the jungle and a little softer on the tracks.

  • Monsters grant you 20% more gold when you are equipped with Smite.
  • Penalty in PO / XP against minions: -20% → -25 %


Along with the Smite spell changes, we’re adjusting the gold offered by jungle monsters to ensure that junglers’ power stays roughly the same as other positions. The respawn times were also adjusted, as we found the monsters were returning too quickly, creating too many clash situations by constantly forcing the jungler to choose between farmer and ganker.


  • Small / large monsters respawn delay: 90 sec → 105 sec


  • Alpha Lycan Bounty: 100 Gold → 90 PO
  • Ancestor’s Krug Bounty: 80 Gold → 60 PO
  • Master Raven Premium: 70 PO → 60 PO
  • Corbin prime: 30 PO → 25 PO
  • Prime de Gromp: 140 PO → 130 PO
  • Rift Herald Bounty: 300 gold → 250 PO
  • Scavenger’s Bounty: 120 gold → 100 PO
  • Bounty of the red bramble: 140 gold → 130 PO
  • Evolved Red Bramble Bounty: 220 Gold → 180 PO
  • Blue Sentinel’s Bounty: 140 gold → 130 PO
  • Evolved Blue Sentry Bounty: 220 gold → 180 PO


Baron Nashor’s buff has always seemed very strong when it comes to suffocating the opposing team. Nevertheless, he appeared quite early in the game and teams often avoided him for fear of risks. We have therefore decided to delay its appearance so that it is better suited to the course of the game, while reducing its power so that the opposing team still has a chance to return to the game.

  • Initial onset time: 10 minutes → 13 minutes
  • Baron Boosted Minion Bonus Damage: 40% → 20%


Since Baron Nashor’s initial spawn time has been increased, we’ve taken the opportunity to make the Rift Herald more strategically interesting by allowing him to respawn if he’s been killed early enough.

  • Rift Herald can now respawn once after a 4 minute delay.
  • Rift Herald’s default disappearance delay: 9:00 → 12:00
  • Rift Herald Charge Damage Against Buildings: 200% Attack Damage + 20% Health → 1500 + level of the champion who summons it × 50
  • Rift Herald Damage to Self When Charging: 100% Attack Damage + 10% Health → 70% of current health


  • Signals, Chat, and Emotes now share the same anti-spam cooldown.
  • The emote wheel activation area has been enlarged.
  • Resurrection and Stasis enchantment effects now have a cooldown bar visible only to allies.
  • In-game text chat has been slightly expanded.
  • Players can now share a unique URL to invite friends to play Wild Rift and add them as friends in the game.


  • For melee champions, hitting the attack button is more likely to direct you towards enemy champions out of your attack range. With this change, melee champions will have to use the Minion button more often to farm on their lane. We’ll keep an eye on your feedback and add a setting if enough players find it difficult to adjust to this change. That said, we expect this change to solve more problems than it creates, as melee champions will be less likely to slap an innocent minion passing by as they try to hunt down an enemy.
  • When the “Rush in the direction of travel” setting is enabled, hitting a rush skill without giving a direction with the movement stick will now cause you to rush towards targets, rather than the direction your champion is facing.
  • We’ve made some tweaks to make accidental swipes less frequent when you frantically tap the attack button.
  • We’ve increased the maximum size of a skill button to help players aim when sliding the button of a long-range skill. This also makes it possible to have more possible adjustments of the sensitivity of the slips.
  • We’ve added visual feedback in the store and other areas for Android and iOS.


  • We have added a yellow dot to the store that appears when new content is available.
  • Once patch 2.5 is deployed, players will now be able to choose one of the five skins offered after purchasing Wild Hearts (regardless of the amount) for the first time (one-time offer).


  • The visuals of the screens for sharing with social networks have been updated.
  • Thresh’s model and artwork has been updated to better match her appearance in released Thresh: A Night at the Inn.
  • Patches have been optimized on Android to reduce the size of downloads after upgrading to a new version.
  • The welcome for new players has been updated and offers missions reserved for these players.
  • The second tutorial has been tweaked – we’ve added target lockdown and jungle info so new players can learn more quickly for their first few games of Wild Rift.


14 octobre – 20 octobre : Ahri, Draven, Jarvan IV, Renekton, Rengar, Riven, Senna, Sona, Xayah, Yasuo

Oct 21 – Oct 27: Camille, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin, Lucian, Nami, Orianna, Singed, Thresh, Vayne, Ziggs

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