[HOT] : Wild Rift Part one patch 2.5 rating

Find out all the information regarding patch 2.5 on League of Legends Wild Rift. On the program, new champion, new functions, new skins and balances.


Ah ah ah! What is black and blue that defines the word “pain” ?! Veigar, the smallest and most evil yordle, arrives in the middle lane to experience his explosive magic, and he brings with him loads of new features for Wild Rift!

With guilds, communities can come closer together through a chat channel, shared in-game space, and different ways to level up together. Then, strong of these bonds, they will be able to launch out in the competitive fire of the Guild vs Guild. Check out the matchmaking improvements planned to make things fairer in the Rift!

Finally, there are plenty of balance changes kicking the meta anthill ahead of next month’s Horizon Cup. We hope our new take on the jungle will benefit the ganks.



An enthusiastic yordle wizard, Veigar has indulged in powers few others dare approach. A free-spirited citizen of Bandle, he wanted to learn more about the celestial magic practiced by mortals, but his natural curiosity was sidetracked by his imprisonment in the Immortal Bastion. A stubborn creature now in possession of the dark fury of the stars, Veigar is often underestimated. Although he considers himself to be deeply evil, some wonder about his deepest motivations …

Veigar will be available on October 15 at 2:01 am.


A long-awaited social function, the guilds are finally here! Guilds are communities within the game. Here you can bond with like-minded players, exchange news, chat, and more.

Learn more about guilds here!


  • Guilds are available for accounts level 9 and above.
  • It costs 200 Wild Hearts or 400 Poro Coins to create a guild. We’re adding a small fee to encourage players to create or join guilds over the long term.
  • Use the guild search to find a guild based on your interests, skill level, or language.


  • In the guild chat, chat with all guild members.
  • In the news feed, react to messages with emotes.
  • Mail an invitation to fill the rooms of the arranged groups.
  • Moderate the guilds and appoint officers to ensure their peace.


  • As the guild leader, choose a name, icon, tag, labels and description to describe your guild.
  • When you are part of a guild, you get a guild plaque: your guild’s name and icon appear in several places in Wild Rift, including on your profile banner, in the lobby, in the leaderboards, etc.


  • Playing with your guild earns you guild points. With them, your guild gains levels, gains customization options, can accommodate more members, etc.
  • Playing with your guild mates gives you the blessing of the Poros: a small bonus to blue particles and account XP (the more guild mates you play with, the greater the bonus).


But the fun doesn’t stop there! Engage in weekly competitions, the Guilde vs Guilde (GvG) !


  • A weekly competition between two guilds selected to compete against each other.
  • Earn resources for your guild by completing Community Missions, some soloable, others requiring the association of multiple guild members.
  • The guild with the most resources at the end wins this GvG week!


  • Each week, all guilds are assigned to one of the two champions for the showdown that begins.
  • Guilds will join the camp of one of Runeterra’s champions and fight for his cause, with unique lines of dialogue.
  • The first season of GvG takes place at Piltover et Zaun !
  • The first guild showdown will be a bot guild combat exercise in the form of training.


  • Missions are performed cumulatively throughout the week by the entire guild.
  • Each mission has several stages. The more stages the guild completes, the more resources it gains.
  • Completing missions also earns guild points.


  • At the start of each week, all guild members are assigned one of two states: armed or unarmed.
  • The more armed players there are in the guild at the end of the week, the higher your Champion’s Favor (which multiplies your total resources).
  • Only the guild with the highest Champion’s Favor receives the bonus.
  • To maximize your final score, try to have as many armed guild members as possible.
  • Unarmed players do not receive trophy points in missions, but earn those trophy points for the time they are armed.
  • Unarmed players can become armed by playing with an armed guild member.
  • Armed players receive bonus rewards for playing with unarmed players.


  • Towards the end of GvG week, the losing team will have a chance to sabotage their opponents.
  • Sabotage is a last-ditch effort to reduce the enemy’s resource totals.
  • Only arranged groups of five guild members can contribute to sabotage, which requires winning games in groups of five within a 24 hour period.
  • The winning team is then in a position, for the next 24 hours, to defend itself against sabotage with its own teams of five.


  • The final resource total takes into account completed guild missions (including individual contributions), Champion’s Favor (the guild with the highest rate of armed players), and sabotage totals (which reduces resources by the opponent).
  • The guild with the highest total resources wins this week’s GvG.

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