[HOT] : Wild Rift Part two patch 2.5 note


  • By participating, earning, or completing objectives, earn unique guild-only rewards.
  • Trophy Points allow you to achieve GvG reward tiers each season.
  • Earning resources and / or winning in Guild vs Guild improves a guild’s rank in the leaderboards and updates the guild plate.


To address some key matchmaking issues, several updates will be released during the weeks of patch 2.5.

  • A new matchmaking algorithm will force the system to focus less on rank than on MMR (matchmaking rating: a non-public number that indicates how successful we think you will have in the next game). This change should make the games fairer, but you may see some differences in rang larger in parts. This will gradually fall into place during patch 2.5.
  • To compensate for the differences in rank noted above, we have added a rank skill tag on the loading screen. When a player’s MMR is significantly higher than their rank, you see it on the loading screen to reassure you that you are in a game with players of equivalent skill.
  • We have created a system that adjusts the way we create games in real time behind the scenes. Let’s try to be clear.
    • Until patch 2.4, the matchmaking tool only matched players if their MMR and rank were within a certain distance of each other. This distance was not great at first, then grew by a certain amount every second for a duration of 2 minutes. At the end of these 2 minutes, the authorized gap between rank and MMR no longer increased for the next 18 minutes, for a total search time of 20 minutes. At this point, the search was over and had to be restarted. Note: This meant that you could find a game faster by waiting than restarting the search during those 20 minutes, as each reset restarted the 2-minute expansion period.
    • Starting with patch 2.5, the matchmaking tool begins with an expansion as wide or as narrow as needed, relying on real-time data on pending players. The purpose of this new system is to ensure that each player will find a game within a reasonable time and well before the end of the 20 minute period. We hope that the delay will not exceed 3-5 minutes at most. You should therefore find more balanced parts, and this, more quickly.
  • Partly ranked earnings, especially at higher ranks, should be more consistent. This change also fixes an issue where players could be catapulted from Master to Challenger by manipulating victory point gains.


The Wild Pass is improved with some features and new content!

  • Improved Wild Pass UI in order to more easily see the next rewards.
  • With the free version of the Wild Pass, players will receive a reward at each level up to level 50.
  • Purchasing a Basic or Elite Pass gives you access to Seasonal Missions to help you progress, as well as more content beyond level 50. These Seasonal Missions were once reserved for Elite Pass holders. Therefore, they will benefit from the Wild pass bonus, which grants more experience for each mission and puts you in a position to obtain maximum rewards.
  • Added a new type of reward: the profile borders!
  • Win Tristana Hexploratrice by reaching level 50 with the Premium Pass or the Elite Pass.


Added a new feature to make it easier to stream directly to Twitch. Use the button in the Settings> Other menu to go directly to the Twitch app and start streaming with the in-game overlay!


Position preference has been added to unranked PvP matches! Before embarking on a game, rank the positions (solo, jungler, middle, duo and support) in order of preference. Most of the time, the matchmaking system will grant you one of your preferred positions. There could always be times when you end up in another job, but you should have more control over your preferences, even if you don’t get your first choice.

Unranked PvP matches will still be played in Concurrent Blind mode and will not have champion bans.


Available October 15 at 2:01 am:

  • Classy veigar
  • Tristana Hexploratrice

Available October 20 at 2:01 am:

  • Brand Eternal Dragon
  • Ashe fairy dragon
  • Kai’Sa dragon du lagon
  • Aurelion Sol Storm Dragon
  • Master Yi dragon of the zephyr *


You can earn or buy props in different places. Check out the in-game page for details on how to get them!

Trinkets : Third place ; You have already done better; You offer the drinks; Farewell (strawberry); Farewell (vanilla); Farewell (fudge); Farewell (mint); Shiny eggshell; Remains of the dragon

Icons : Protection of the Fairies; Courage of the Lagoon; Will of the Lord; Balance of the Zephyr; Stubbornness of the Storm; Dragon treasures; Small but mischievous; Attracted by greatness; Porosplosion! ; Sweetness of life and good vibrations; Leap of joy; Target locked!

Emotes : Oï! ; Genius of evil; Look in front of you ! ; Old monkey grimaces; World Cup Poro; Poro approaching; I have my eye on you; Fiery provocation; I approve of success; Ready and focused; Broom, slug! ; Think, think…; Final fireworks display; Every day its explosion

Icon borders : The eye of the dragon; Right on target

Reminders : Cloud Bridge; BOOM

Player Emblems: Courage of the warriors (cobalt); Courage of the warriors (plum); Courage of the warriors (malachite); Courage of the Warriors (Viridian)

Rift Emblems : Rooted victory; Smoldering ashes; We’re going to win (navy blue); We’re going to win (indigo); We will win (alive); We’re gonna win (scarlet)

Appearance marks : Fairy ; The Eternal; Storm ; The Zephyr; The lagoon

Profile borders: Display of Tristana

All these accessories will come out over the patch.


Tremble with fear! Veigar, the Lord of Hexes, has arrived! Complete the missions to unlock it for free. * Evil laughter *

The “Rise of Veigar” event will begin on October 15th at 2:01 am.


The dragons are looking for their new champion. What will be your blessing?

The “Way of the Dracomancers” event will begin on October 20 at 2:01 am.

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