Blizzard has announced the release date of the World of Warcraft Classic Fresh Open Beta, an opportunity for players to dive back into the first version of the game.

While Burning Crusade Classic continue the deployment of its phases and that World of Warcraft Shadowlands will soon unveil its next patch, Blizzard Announces the release date of the WoW Classic Fresh Open Beta.

WoW Classic Fresh Open Beta, or season of mastery, will start on October 5, 2021. No end date has yet been communicated.

When is the WoW Classic Fresh Open Beta released?

World of Warcraft Classic Fresh open beta to begin October 5. It is in an article published on its official website that Blizzard announced the upcoming release of the mastery season on World of Warcraft Classic (source). More information should be revealed by Blizzard in the coming days.

This Season of Mastery, or WoW Classic Fresh, will give players a fresh start on the first version of World of Warcraft. The 6 phases of the game will be deployed again but over a shorter period: 12 months. The opportunity therefore to restart a character at level 1, progress through Azeroth, face raid bosses and much more. Some adjustments, especially in terms of experience gain and boss fights will nevertheless be made to World of Warcraft Classic.

The release of WoW Classic in 2019 had delighted many players

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