[HOT] : WOW Classic ‘Season of Mastery’ Begins in Open Beta

The “season of mastery” intends to increase the difficulty of WOW Classic significantly, so as to find the challenges of the MMORPG in 2004 (and less the ease of the version relaunched in 2019). The season will unveil in open beta on October 5.

One of the specificities of the MMORPG is based on the fact that players immerse themselves permanently in a world in order to progress there with other players. This is one of the attractions of the genre that is part of a long time, but also one of its constraints in MMOs based on a linear vertical progression, especially for new players who are struggling to catch up with veterans.
More and more MMORPG publishers are therefore using seasonal servers: servers on which all players start an adventure again, with significantly modified rules.

WOW Classic do not escape it and Blizzard is preparing to open new servers as part of its’ Season of Mastery ‘where players will start over at level 1, but with the goal of’ recreating the difficulty and challenge of Update 1.12 there. World of Warcraft ».
More concretely, when the studio released WOW Classic, players progressed much faster than when World of Warcraft first launched in 2004 and defeated the bosses of MMORPG raids much more easily – because gamers are today. * i more experienced, better prepared and organized.

The “season of mastery” will therefore offer a version of WOW Classic where players will progress faster and where the six phases of updates will be deployed more quickly, but where the bumps will also be significantly more difficult (they will have more points of life, will return to mechanics that had been removed and some improvements benefiting players will be disabled in raids – details are available on the official website). According to Blizzard, this new version of WOW Classic will be significantly more difficult than the one launched in 2019.

Before officially rolling out, this WoW Classic “Mastery Season” will be open beta starting October 5, so testers can share their thoughts on the adaptations made by this season.

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