[HOT] : WoW Classic WoW Classic Mastery Season Is Coming – Open Beta Coming Soon

It’s time to make a fresh start with mastery season

Seasoned adventurers and beginners alike will soon be able to wipe out the past in WoW Classic with the arrival of new realms and embark on a new adventure from level 1 to discover the changes.

All players will be able to join these realms from the start of the Open Beta, the October 5, and explore the gameplay and comfort changes planned for Classic WoW. These changes include:

  • Faster phase release: the six planned content phases will be phased over one year, and will be unlocked every two months.
  • Faster progression: to support the pace of more sustained content deployment, experience gains, and more specifically those granted for completing quests, will be increased.
  • Modification des boss de raid : bosses will now be slightly more devious to offset the increased player power in Update 1.12.
  • Comfort modifications: Players will soon be able to learn about changes to raid combat (such as disabling world upgrades), raid boss debuff adjustments, increased resource harvesting for professions, and more.

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