[HOT] : Xbox Game Pass: a 2021 game soon to join the catalog, legendary aliens to support (and it’s not Halo Infinite)

The Xbox Game Pass continues to spoil its subscribers at the end of the year with the arrival of a new title, rather recent and with explosive action: Aliens Fireteam Elite.

We can no longer count the new arrivals of Xbox Game Pass and to tell the truth, if we had to do it, they would be in tens: Microsoft is working hard to build the largest catalog of open access games in the industry, and the trend is not going to end any time soon. While December will obviously host Halo Infinite, another sci-fi title has just announced its entry. Let’s take a look at this together.

Aliens Fireteam Elite coming soon to Xbox Game Pass

This is the little surprise of the Redmond firm: Aliens Fireteam Elite will land in Xbox Game Pass on December 14, on both Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. As a reminder, this is a particularly muscular third-person shooter, published no later than August 24 and developed by the American studio Cold Iron Studios.

However, clarification that this is a work far from the survival horror of Alien: Isolation (which happens elsewhere on … mobile, yes) since here, it’s about teaming up with up to two other players online, or going it alone, against endless hordes of xenomorphs.

The legendary creature and, more generally, the universe of James Cameron are here declined in all sauces with the presence of eleven different species, thirty weapons, seventy pieces of equipment and five soldier classes, each with their own property. Let us also underline the presence of many cult places for an explosive and rather successful experience, collecting the score of 14/20 in our columns.

Second wind for Aliens Fireteam Elite, thanks to Xbox Game Pass?

Also released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Aliens Fireteam Elite is far from a bad game and its community potential is even evident. However, the future did not look bright for the software which announced a significant drop in attendance last October, even with a very low peak at only… 941 players. In question, the release of Back 4 Blood, resolutely of the same style, which visibly stifled its competitor.

Its arrival on the Xbox Game Pass would allow the machine to be relaunched, especially since cross-play is offered : this would not be the first time that the famous Microsoft service has had such an effect. If you are tempted by the title, we suggest you take a look at our full test at this address and read an excerpt below, while waiting for the installation of its download.