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[HOT] : Xbox Game Pass isn’t as appealing as Microsoft would like

[HOT] : Xbox Game Pass isn’t as appealing as Microsoft would like

Over the past fiscal year, Xbox Game Pass subscribers haven’t grown as quickly as Microsoft had hoped.

It was in 2017 that Microsoft launched its Xbox Game Pass offer, which allows subscribers to freely download a wide selection of games, and play them without any form of constraint linked to any streaming system (unlike the PS Now from Sony). Two years later, Microsoft enriched the initial formula with the Ultimate offer, bringing even more benefits to players, including the now essential streaming game. A very popular Xbox Game Pass today * i, and in fact (almost) essential for anyone who owns an Xbox console.

Xbox Game Pass: missed annual goal?

However, while digging through a Microsoft financial document, journalist Stephen Totilo discovered that the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers did not grow as fast as Microsoft had hoped between June 2020 and June 2021. Indeed, for this fiscal year, the number of subscribers to the service increased of course, but by 37% “only”, or 11% less than the 48% set upstream by Microsoft.

Regarding the number of subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass service, the vagueness remains, since the last figure announced by Microsoft dates back to January 2021, at a time when the service had 18 million subscribers. According to some estimates, as of June 30, the service has passed the threshold of 20 million subscribers.

So of course, if the Xbox Game Pass failed to meet the goals set by Microsoft, it should be remembered that the Xbox Series X (like the PS5) is hit hard by the shortage of components, with stocks almost non-existent. So while Xbox Game Pass is at the heart of Microsoft’s gaming strategy today (and it’s also available on PC), the Xbox shortage is not allowing the service to thrive. as it was originally planned.

The fact remains that Xbox Game Pass is a very (very) popular service in the Xbox community today. And for good reason, the subscription not only allows you to (re) play a large number of games spread over four generations of Xbox, but it also includes all Microsoft Studios games such as Microsoft Flight Simultator this summer, and soon Forza Horizon 5 or even Halo Infinite. An essential, we tell you!