[HOT] : Xiaomi: MIUI 13 will benefit from a complete overhaul

The next version of MIUI should lead to a significant number of changes: Xiaomi is preparing a complete overhaul of its Android overlay.

Xiaomi is preparing for the arrival of MIUI 13 on Android 12 and is planning major changes to its interface.

According to Digital Shat Station, Xiaomi has planned a complete overhaul of its overlay that could surprise users. Unfortunately, no images accompany the information at this time.

Still according to rumors, Xiaomi would test its new interface with both Android 11 and Android 12, so we could first see MIUI 13 inviting itself on the most recent terminals with an Android 12 kernel, then on more devices. old while remaining on Android 11 as the brand has done in the past.

The first closed beta of MIUI 13 is expected to arrive by the end of the year and a stable release in early 2022.

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