[HOT] : Your Switch can become an OLED Switch

To pay less for the new Nintendo Switch OLED, Amazon and Micromania have programs to trade in your old devices. Consoles and games for Micromania, consoles or touch pads for Amazon Trade-In: it’s time to get rid of the old and enjoy the new!


Until October 11 at Micromania, it is possible to bring back a console in order to benefit from its subsidized trade-in to pay for its new, cheaper OLED Switch. Please note, this offer is limited to a single console take-back and only for the simultaneous purchase of an OLED Switch.

For example, by reselling your classic Switch € 200 it drops the OLED Switch to € 149.99. The PS4 Pro is taken back € 250, which gives you the OLED Switch at € 99.99 only. And that’s not all, you can further lower the price of the OLED Switch by reselling a few Switch games.

If you ever have titles lying around in the drawers, add them to your resold console. Each game, still in the context of the purchase of an OLED Switch, will be taken back € 5 more than its classic take-back price. Ainsi The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, repris normalement 35€, sera repris 40€. By accumulating several games like this, the price of the OLED Switch will drop drastically.


Amazon offers another type of trade-in that is not limited in time. By going to the Amazon Trade-In site, accessible from the consoles product sheet, in the section “Receive up to € 120 when you trade in your video game console. You will leave the Amazon.fr site and be redirected to another website ”, you can estimate the trade-in price of your console or touchscreen tablet based on its condition. You must indicate whether the device works, its general external condition, whether the original accessories and components are present and certify that it has never been dismantled.

Amazon Trade-In will then show you an estimate of the trade-in price. Money that will be paid to you by bank transfer after receipt of your equipment at Amazon, and verification of its condition by comparing your estimate. Thus, a like-new Switch in perfect working order will be taken back 162 €. The console being sold 349.99 € on Amazon, it will cost you only 187.99 € to have the Switch OLED.

The advantage of this offer is that you can resell as many products as you want via the Trade-In. Be careful, however, not all are listed. For example, there are very few smartphones. But if you’ve got a tablet or console sleeping in the corner, now’s the time to see what it’s worth.

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