Last Friday was the great day for all those who had come quickly to order one of Apple’s new iPhone 12 mini. The first units of the small device have already reached their new users, and including the iFixit team, who did not hesitate to disassemble it to see how it looks and differs from the 6.1-inch model.

iFixit was quick to open the iPhone 12 mini, finding several common points with its 6.1-inch analog with the exception of a few smaller components.

Curiosity is served, and that is Apple offers each and every one of the features of the iPhone 12 in a much smaller space, so we had to know what was inside the new terminal.

The first thing that you see with the naked eye is the difference in terms of battery, the 5.4-inch model being much smaller as expected. Still and with everything delivers 8.57 Wh performance, significantly more than the 2020 iPhone SE (which is larger in dimensions) but well behind the iPhone 12, which has 10.78 Wh.

The components are the same in both terminals, except as we said the battery and the size of these. In the new iPhone 12 mini we can see how Apple has opted for a slightly smaller Taptic Engine than in the larger model and the same happens with the speakers for example. However, something that Apple has not miniaturized is the terminal’s camera, which is identical to the 6.1-inch model.

The components of the iPhone 12 mini are mostly the same as the iPhone 12, in some cases that is miniaturized to fit in the small space that the terminal has.

In general we can see that iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are quite similar, leaving the differences, marked rather by the size of its components than by the limitations of its benefits. It should be noted how similar internally they are, unlike other years when each iPhone was completely different from the rest of the range.

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The new iPhone 12 mini is officially on sale since last Friday, and offers all the benefits of the new Apple A14 accompanied by 4GB of RAM, 5G, a 5.4-inch OLED XDR Display screen and a quality camera system, all in a really small body that makes this iPhone a unique device for its performance and size

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