How can you not be a ghost, a scum of our world?

A true samurai would never warp into vile pulls that so-called “ghosts” are capable of – we help you avoid being one of them!

Samurai live their lives according to a strict set of rules, do not run away from challenges, give their opponents fairness when they swing one last one with their katana, and separate them from this world (and their heads from their bodies) forever. If necessary, they face ten or even a hundred attackers and cut them off one by one with measured movements, then wipe the blood off their swords so that the sharp blade can continue to work.

However, the methods of spirits are different: they treat their rivals in a vile, sloppy, contemptuous way, they know no honor — whoever acts as a spirit betrays his faith, and is guaranteed eternal damnation in the afterlife. Even a possible Mongol invasion, the mass death of his comrades, is not a good enough reason for a samurai to give up his principles and to dishonor the memory of his ancestors, to turn against ancient teachings, to act in a weedy way – oh, no.

Anyone who wants to avoid even accidentally stepping on the path of ghosts can do so with a few simple teachings in mind – these are known exactly to every samurai, but they can’t be harmed by some repetition.

Here are some helpful tips (not just for beginners) for fair and honest fighters:

  • The most important thing is to always draw the attention of your opponent – shout at him from a distance, approach him with loud, definite steps (the use of a trotting horse is recommended), but if you do not pay attention to it, because a possible insidious puncture, move a sword away from him.
  • Let’s not try to throw it, because if we miss it, it can divert our attention from ourselves and start not in the direction of us, but in the direction of the thrown stone (or other object) that probably lands in the opposite direction to us. It is also advisable to be careful not to accidentally carry smoke bombs with them, because if we do not fix them properly, they can roll and then explode, and the resulting dense smoke reduces the chances of seeing us or making eye contact. It is also not recommended to use a bow or toss the kunai for attention, as these can inflict a deadly wound on our target, and such a death is unworthy of any earthly creature.
  • In the meantime, of course, remember: the virtue of a samurai is precision, good situational awareness, determination, and deadly plagues. A sharp katana is worth more than any arrow, with a definite cut we can settle the resistance as quickly as with a dagger stabbed in the neck.

Well, now that about twenty angry Mongols are about to break my door, I confess, you can actually act as a ghost once or twice if the situation so desires, for example, now that someone sees this, help me, I beg you!

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