How do you choose the VPN that suits you best?

A VPN can be a useful tool while surfing the internet. You can use a VPN for various purposes. As a result, there are also differences between VPN providers. It is therefore wise to delve into the options of different VPN subscriptions. But how do you find out which VPN is best for you?

To answer that question, it is important that you first find out for yourself what you are going to use a VPN for. For example, do you mainly want to stream series, or do you find online privacy very important?

Once you have clear for yourself what you want to do with a VPN online, you can start comparing VPN providers. tested various providers and compared them on several aspects, such as security and speed.

Fast VPNs

A VPN can sometimes cause your internet connection to slow down. When loading an internet page you will not easily notice the difference. But if you want to download or upload something, it may be that one VPN is clearly faster than the other.

Do you find it important that your internet remains fast with a VPN connection? In that case, look at the speed tests that have been performed. The VPN that best maintains its speed best suits your needs.

Streaming via VPN

Are you a real Netflix fanatic and have you already watched everything on the Dutch version? Then you can watch all the American offerings on Netflix via VPN. If you would like to stream videos with a VPN, you will not soon notice the speed. However, it is useful to delve into which VPNs offer the best options for streaming services.

Netflix, for example, tries to ban users who use their services via VPN. The American streaming service now recognizes users of several VPN services, so that they can no longer use Netflix via a VPN connection.

Online safe with VPN

Although surfing the internet is always safer with a VPN than without it, the security of one provider is certainly different from that of another. The protocols that a VPN provider applies determine the security of the connection.

OpenVPN is an example of a protocol that offers your internet connection exceptionally strong security. If a VPN provider has the option to use OpenVPN, then you have to deal with a very well-secured VPN connection. The type of encryption and proxies are also important for how safe you are while surfing the internet via a VPN.

Privacy protection

Do you like to keep your internet activity private? Then pay close attention to the privacy aspects that a VPN can offer. There are some VPNs that score particularly well in the field of privacy.

A VPN provider with a no-logs policy offers more privacy to its users. Such a policy means that the internet traffic of VPN users is not stored anywhere. If the government or police submits a request for data, you can be sure with these VPN providers that they cannot and will not share your data with the authorities.

The use of a so-called kill switch also improves the privacy score of a VPN. A kill switch ensures that data cannot leak if the connection is lost. If a VPN provider does not have a kill switch, then there is a possibility that this will happen.

User-friendliness of VPN apps

If you’re not that technical, all the information about protocols and security may sound complicated. User-friendliness is probably more important to you. The use of most apps is fairly self-explanatory, but there is still a difference.

It is therefore advisable to view some screenshots of the app before you take out the corresponding VPN subscription. If the screenshots look complicated, it is better to choose a different VPN app.