The Reminders app may be one of the most underrated of our iPhone or iPad. Few know its potential, which is also seamlessly integrated with Siri and with all our Apple devices.

The iPhone Reminders app

Here is a complete guide to the Reminders app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. From how to create a reminder to all the options that they include.

How to create a reminder on iPhone or iPad

In all iPhone and iPad we have an application called Reminders, and from there we can create all the reminders we want and organize them to our liking.

  • Enter the Reminders app.
  • You will see a panel with categories.
  • At the bottom left click on the New reminder button.
  • Fill in the name, details and the list you want to add it to.

Creating a reminder is easy

You also have another option, and that is tell Siri to add a reminder. Both saying “Hey Siri, add a reminder” and “Hey Siri, remind me….”

How to create an alarm with time and date for a reminder

Something essential for a Reminder can be add an alarm so that you notify us at the right time. How to do it:

  • Enter the reminder app and add a new one.
  • Now click on Details.
  • Activate Date and Time and determine the ones you prefer.
  • In a reminder already created, click on it and on the «i».
  • Now activate Date and Time.

Reminders can be customized with date and time

Just like before we can also do it with SiriJust say “Hey Siri, remind me…. on day “X” at time “Y” “

How to create a location-based alarm for a reminder

It is possible that what you want is that your iPhone or iPad remember something when arriving or leaving a certain place, so it can be configured:

  • Enter the reminder app and add a new one.
  • Now click on Details.
  • Active location.
  • Select from the options or customize them.
  • By clicking on a reminder already created and on the «i» you can also add a location.

You can add any place to a Reminder

Siri is also capable of this process, just add the phrase “when it leaves / reaches” … “” after telling it the reminder you want to create.

How to change the priority of a reminder on iPhone or iPad

Within the reminders we can organize them by priority, something interesting when we handle many.

  • Enter the reminder app and add a new one.
  • Now click on Details.
  • Below is a category called priority.
  • Enter and select Low, Medium or High.
  • By clicking on a reminder already created and on the “i” you can also add Priority.

Not all Reminders have to have the same priority

How to create lists for Reminders

If you are one of those who needs a large number of Reminders, the best thing is that organize them by type in different lists. When you create a reminder you can assign it to any of the previously created lists.

  • Enter the reminder app.
  • At the bottom right you will see the Add list button.
  • You can choose the name, color and different icons for your list.

You can create all the lists you want

How to view the reminders on the calendar

The Calendar app and the Reminders app are two independent apps that are thought of differently. For that reason, Can’t see reminders from the Reminders app in the Calendar app.

What you can do is create events in the Calendar app instead of reminders, this way you can easily see them in the form of a calendar if that is what you need.

How to sync reminders between Apple devices

For your reminders to be synced across all your Apple devices you must have signed in with your Apple ID in each one of them. Once done, make sure you have iCloud syncing turned on.

  • On your iPhone or iPad enter Settings Notifications and verify that Reminders notifications are active.
  • Check the side mute button on the iPhone.
  • Verify that the volume of the iPhone is not at minimum.
  • If nothing works, try restarting your iPhone or iPad.

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As you can see, adding a reminder to the iPhone or iPad is very simple and is an app that can be very useful. Plus, the reminders are synced to iCloud, so it’s perfect if you have multiple Apple devices.

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