With the launch of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, Apple changed the way we shot burst on iPhones. What used to be simple, you just had to hold the shutter button to shoot in a burst, now it was an agile movement to activate this mode by having relegated the long press of the shutter to QuickTake.

iOS 14 has turned the tables again, and has relocated the burst function again to the volume up button on the iPhone (although we can also continue using the method introduced by iOS 13). Unfortunately, this new way of making bursts is disabled by default, and you have to go to the camera settings to have it.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to know How to Burst Photos on iPhone with iOS 14.

How to use burst mode with volume button on iPhone with iOS 14

Only a few keystrokes separate us from being able to make the bursts accessible again on the iPhone.

  • 1st Opens Settings.

  • 2nd Swipe down and tap on Camera.

  • 3rd Swipe the toogle where it says Volume up button for burst.

With this option active, when we use our camera we just have to hold down the volume up button on the terminal to make the camera shoot continuously.

After Apple’s controversial decision in iOS 13 to move the burst shooting action to a more complicated option, it seems that they have managed to rectify in time, and iOS 14 returns to a comfortable and easy position the power to perform bursts from our iPhone.

The latest revision of the system for Apple mobile devices has brought interesting news to the iPhone Camera app: mirror selfies, being able to optimize the speed in front of the camera processing, new dials or the ability to keep the established settings are just some of the improvements coming to the iPhone. Haven’t updated yet? Wait no more and enjoy all the news that iOS 14 brings to your iPhone.

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