How to change the Google Maps arrow icon for a 3D car

When following a navigation route on Google Maps, your position is represented by an arrow except on specific occasions such as your anniversary. However, it is possible change the navigation arrow for 3D cars, with three designs to choose from.

The functionality is not entirely new – in Google Maps for iOS it has been available for a couple of years – but it goes very unnoticed because there is no clear indication that it is possible until you find it at the tap the navigation arrow icon.

Trade the arrow for a car

Google Maps and Waze are two navigation applications and maps owned by Google, although the second has more customization options, such as being able to choose which icon represents you on the map during a navigation.

This is not something entirely new for Google Maps, as the company has toyed with the idea on various occasions for special events or as an Easter egg shape. However, it is possible toggle between three car designs instead of using the navigation arrow, and the process couldn’t be easier.

To do so, you just need to tap on the blue icon of the arrow that represents you on the map, until the menu appears below Choose vehicle icon. For now there are three different car designs in the colors red, yellow and green, in addition to the usual blue navigation arrow.

As soon as you tap on one of the cars, it will be used to represent you on the map with a 3D model which is well visible even if you zoom in or out on the map. In addition, the selection you make will remain present the next time you follow a route on Google Maps.

Of course, if at any point you change your mind and do you want to go back to the blue arrowYou just have to retrace your steps, tap on the car icon and choose the navigation arrow from the menu.