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How to check the health of your hard drive with these three free tools

How to check the health of your hard drive with these three free tools

Today we will introduce you to three free tools with which you can check the health of your hard drive. One to see the temperature and general condition, another to check for errors and a third to measure its speed.

The hard drive is one of the most important components of your PC, since it generally stores all the programs, data and documents that you use every day. Checking the status of your hard drives will avoid problems later, being able to get your data safe before it’s too late.

HDD Health, to see your health easily

One of the first data that is taken into account when analyzing the health of a hard disk is the temperature and attribute values SMART. Both are easily consulted with the free HDD Health tool, which you can download from here.

HDD Health remains as an icon in the Windows notification area (next to the clock) and with a double click it shows you a summary window where you can see the current temperature of the hard disk and its health. Said health shows as a percentage (in the previous capture, 92%) and in text (in the previous capture, “excellent”).

The health percentage is calculated by the hard disk itself using SMART technology. This technology involves constant monitoring of the hard disk and its operation, to prevent when it may fail and that you can make a backup first. You can check this monitoring from HDD Health, in the menu Drive> Smart Attributes, although the data is difficult to interpret. And you don’t have to do it, the hard drive already does it for you, and it summarizes it in the percentage of health in the main window.

HDD Scan, to check for errors

HDD Scan is an application whose objective is determine if your hard drive contains errors. For this, it is capable of executing different more and less exhaustive tests. You can download it from here (no installation required).

HDD Scan also shows you the SMART attributes and the temperature of the hard disk, but its star function is the read and write tests. It has four different tests: Verify, Read, Butterfly and Erase. The main test is the verification test (Verify), which determine if the hard drive needs repair, as well as the status of the sectors that can be recovered.

HDD Scan does not repair errors, but serves only as a warning and information, in order to take the hard drive for a professional repair. To repair errors from Windows, you can right-click the drive in File Explorer, choose Properties, and then click Check on the Tools tab.

HD Tune, to measure your speed

In addition to seeing the temperature, health and if it has errors, surely you are also interested in knowing speed the one your hard drive is working on. You can do it with the HD Tune application, free and that you can download from here.

HD Tune also shows you the temperature, the SMART values, and even has its own error analysis, but the function it is best known for is the speed benchmark. Press the button Start in the Benchmark tab and wait for the analysis to finish, which will take several minutes.

The results are shown in a graph, as well as summarized in their minimum, maximum and average speed figures, in the right column. Other data that is shown to you is the access time (in milliseconds) and the use of the processor during the reading. Note: it is normal for the graph to go down.

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