Instagram is a social network and messaging application that allows you to use multiple accounts in a single application. For example, a personal one, a professional one, one for your cat, another for your turtle, and whatever other ideas you have in between.

Adding accounts and switching from one to another has been possible for years, although it has recently been easier to create new accounts linked to others. That is share login so you don’t need to remember multiple passwords.

A new account, linked to the old one

If you have not created a new Instagram account from the application itself for a long time, you may not know the possibility of create linked accounts, which share the login information. That is, by logging in with the same username and password, you can access multiple accounts.

The way to create a new account of this type is the same as when creating any other type of account on Instagram. There are several ways to do it -for example, from the settings- although a quick mode is with a long touch on your profile, in the bottom bar, and pressing after Add Account.

In the menu that opens, you must tap on Create new account, and then choose a username that is not in use. This account will be linked internally to yours, but it still has its own public username. In fact, only you can see which accounts are linked to each other.

After choosing the username, comes the important question: if you want to “change the way you login” It is a way of asking if you want me to this new account is linked to another existing account, to choose between those that you have the session started on your mobile at that moment. If so, choose one of your accounts and click Next.

As indicated by Instagram in the previous screen, your new account is independent, but share login and contact informationor (email, phone), which is not public, but for Instagram. The rest of the steps are the same as creating any other account on Instagram: complete the registration, upload a profile photo, start following some accounts and more.

When finished, you can switch between both accounts with a long tap on the icon with your profile picture in the bottom bar. If you later log in on another device (such as another mobile), by logging in with your main account, you will automatically have access to your secondary account, without having to do any additional process.

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