How to create and edit a playlist on the TV app on our Mac

As in the Music app, where they are undoubtedly much more popular, in the TV app on our Mac we can also create and manage playlists. Once we have the list created we can reproduce, in the chosen order, the content, ideal for certain chapters of a series or movies that we usually see together.

Episodes and movies in the desired order

Playlists in the TV app may make less sense than in Music, but they’re certainly useful to see the Star Wars movies in the order of creation, for example. The steps to create a list are as follows:

  • We open the TV app on our Mac.
  • In the File menu, we rest the mouse on New and click on Playlist.
  • We write a name and press Enter (↵).
  • Once the list is created, we can add the content to it. Too easy. We simply touch Movies in the sidebar and from the right side we drag one by one the ones we want to add on top of the list we just created. Keep in mind that the movies that we add to playlists will be downloaded to our Mac if they weren’t already.

    Once the list is created and has content, we can perform various actions such as marking it as seen or not seen, reproduce it or delete the download. To do this, we will simply secondary click on the list in the sidebar or we will touch the button in the form of three dots next to the name once we have it open.

    Whenever we want we can add new content to the list by following the previous steps. We can also reorder elements by clicking and dragging them to the new position or delete one or more of them with a secondary click and Delete from the list.

    That easy. If we have the habit of watching certain movies or content in a certain order and together, for example, or we want to create a list of children’s titles for our children, the playlists of the TV app, which are synchronized on the other devices thanks to iCloud, they are a very good option.