How to Create Mail Templates on Your Mac to Be More Productive

If you’ve ever had to write several similar emails to different recipients, you know it can be a waste of time. If you’ve done this at different times, chances are you’ve wasted time looking for a similar one in your inbox. To save you precious time, we recommend create a template in Mail from your Mac and save it to a smart mailbox.

Create a smart mailbox to save templates in Mail

The first and easiest step is to create a smart mailbox. This type of mailbox is proactiveIn other words, it will perform certain actions that you specified. They are used to organize and group your emails according to certain characteristics.

For our case, we will create a smart mailbox by following these steps:

  • From the top bar menu, click Mailbox> New Smart Mailbox.
  • A menu will be displayed where we can put a name to the mailbox.
  • We just need to create a condition that includes the subject and the words « Pattern 0 ». It will be the to trigger, which will activate the mailbox and save the emails inside.
  • Finally, we will check the box to include sent emails and we will accept.

The one we just created will now appear in the Mail section where the smart mailboxes are stored. It is possible that if you have never done one, have this section hidden, so you will have to give it to show it.

Create a template to save it to your smart mailbox

Now is the time to create a template that you can reuse multiple times. Open an eraser and write the text you want. The best thing is as real as it gets, so that later the changes are minimal.

In the subject, you need to put the words that we specified as the smart mailbox trigger. In our example, they are « Pattern 0 » without the quotes. You can add whatever you want in the subject, like go number them with 01, 02, etc.. Do not put the recipient, as that will be one of the items you change each time.

Now close the draft and Mail will ask you if you want to save it. Accept this dialog and you will see how it is added to the smart mailbox. This tip is very useful if you are getting used to have multiple draft emails and you have to find the model quickly.

If you prefer, you can create a regular mailbox that will be saved on your Mac and drag the templates into it. Regardless of the method, you must press the key right mouse button and select “Resend”. The template is displayed and you can make the necessary changes.

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With these instructions you can create your own templates in Mail for Mac and always have them on hand. A little boost to productivity that never hurts.