The sharing screen on Apple devices is one of the tools most used by users on a daily basis. This has the objective that file submission is simpler, more intuitive, and more productive. Therefore, having it organized is of the utmost importance and we will teach you how to do it.

Share sheet

The share sheet appears in iOS and iPadOS every time we want to send a photo, a file or something from an application. Sending can be to a contact through a messaging app or it can even be share between apps.

This tab that appears every time we give “Share” shows 3 levels: contacts, applications and actions.

Some applications including iMessage and currently WhatsApp add our most used contacts in this first part. What’s more, In this section the devices compatible with AirDrop are also visible. Then there are the applications with which we can share files and finally actions that offer other tools for the file.

Customize the apps

The second level, which are the applications, can be organized according to use and tastes of the user. These serve to exchange files with each other. For example, in the photos application we could use this sharing sheet to upload the selected photo to the cloud without having to do the usual process of going to the application, selecting, uploading, etc.

  • To customize it, you have to open the share tab and go to the end of the list of applications by sliding to the right. A blank application icon will appear that says “More” and is identified by three dots.
  • Once inside, you have to select “Edit” and using the add or remove icons we can select the applications that we want to be visible.
  • In addition, on the right side we find the bars to sort them by priority.

Customize actions

With actions we can define what do we want to do with the file. For example, in the photos application we can decide if we want one of our images to be the wallpaper, send it through AirPlay or do other things that allow extensions from other applications.

  • To customize it, go to the end of the list in a downward direction until you find the section “Edit actions …”
  • Once inside, you just have to add or remove the actions with the icons on the left and determine their order of priority with the bars on the right side.

It is important to mention that this customization can be defined even in each application that allows to launch the share sheet.

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