How to deactivate the fonts that we do not use on our Mac

Our Mac comes with a considerable amount of fonts that we can use in our documents and we can also add as many as we want. Many times the abundance of options is welcome, but other times, some fonts, especially in certain languages ​​that we do not use, can unnecessarily lengthen the list. Fortunately we can deactivate all the sources we want.

Deactivating sources and maintaining order

When we are creating a Pages document, for example, we have a considerable number of fonts to choose from. From this list we can deactivate those that we consider that we do not want to use to reduce their size and make it easier for us to find the most useful fonts for us.

Activating or deactivating sources, as well as their management in general, is the task of the Typographic Catalog. The steps are the following:

  • We open the Typographic Catalog app, if necessary we look for it in Spotlight (Command (⌘) + Spacebar).
  • In the left sidebar we choose the font that we want to deactivate.
  • We touch the button in the shape of a tick inside a square at the top of the window.
  • We click Deactivate to confirm.
  • Let’s keep in mind that some fonts are from the system and therefore it is not possible to deactivate them. For those sources that we have deactivated, if we later change our mind and want to reactivate them, we only need to repeat the steps we have just seen.

    Without a doubt, being able to manage the enormous number of fonts that come predetermined with the system, as well as all those that we have installed on our Mac, especially if we have used it for years, it is necessary from time to time.