How to disable PS5 sleep mode and change the standby time

We tell you everything you need to know about the PlayStation 5 sleep mode, especially how to deactivate it or reduce its waiting time from the console menus.

PS5 is here and it’s time to continue discovering its interface, menus, settings, customization and, in general, all kinds of options with which to configure the new generation console. Therefore, here we leave you a small tutorial on sleep mode.

The video explains how to disable the next-gen console sleep mode. This is particularly important as many users have experienced their consoles shutting down too early and some have even experienced problems charging the DualSense controller.

Therefore, if you prefer dispense with sleep mode for now, this is the way to do it. It doesn’t have much more mystery. You must go to settings from the PS5 main menu. Then select System and then, in the left column, Energy saving.

The menu that appears at that moment will be used to deactivate the console’s sleep mode, as well as to change the time it takes to activate this mode. You can select the time interval that seems best to you or directly, not allow the console to enter this mode.

For those who do not know the sleep mode, this apparently “shuts down” PS5 to save power consumption, but the console continues to work silently. For example, it is used to download updates or upload command. This mode has the same features that PS4 already had.

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