We will explain how to download any video from internet, with methods that will be used for practically any web page. We have already told you methods to download videos from YouTube, download them from Facebook, or even download them from Instagram, and now we are going to look for unified alternatives that work for everyone.

We will try to make the article easy and accessible. Therefore, instead of trying to give you a large list of alternatives, we are going to focus on mentioning only the most effective and global of them. We will start with the best program to do this on PC, but we will also tell you a method to do it from the browser or using web tools.

Look for them in the page code

The first method that we are going to tell you does not involve downloading any program, since we are going to use the advanced tools that you have in your browser. The first thing you have to do is enter the page of the video you want to download, and in Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome or Edge, press Control + Shift + I. You can also click on the options button, go to More tools, and click on the Developer Tools option. In Firefox the shortcut is Control + Shift + C.

The only thing you need to know is that on some pages like YouTube Facebook this method does not work, since it is protected against it or it is a bit more difficult to find the videos and you will lose too much time to be effective. However, for other pages not so massively popular it can be useful, or even for Instagram.

A window with the developer tools will open on the right side of the screen, and here are two ways to proceed. The simplest is go to the Network tab, where you get a list of elements of the web that are being loaded. In her, right click on the elements that are of type (Type) Media, which are those that belong to videos, and choose the option Open in new tab to open them in another tab already free of protections.

A little trick if you do not identify the video because there is more than one loading is that you click on the progress bar of the video so that it loads a part of it later that has not yet loaded. This will make this element appear at the bottom of the list among the rest that are also loaded. Other code elements or photos usually accompany the video. It may seem difficult, but with practice you won’t need more to download videos from most websites.

The video will open “naked” and without any added code in a new tab. When this happens, you will only have right click on it and choose the option to save it. When you don’t have the option to download the video on a website, it is because there is usually some kind of protection in its code. When you open it this way, that protection code is gone, only the video is loaded, and you can download it without problem.

The second method is to resort to the Elements tab. In it, press Control + F to open the search engine, and type the term .mp4 to show the video code. When you have it, select it and right click to choose to open it in another tab. Sometimes this does not work well and you have to copy the code, paste it and cut it, so the Network tab with which we have worked before is more effective.

If you want to install something, let it be jDownloader

If you don’t want to be complicating your life, the jDownloader application is the best you will find to download videos from web pages. The first thing you have to do is enter the jDownloader website and download it to your computer. You have versions for Windows, GNU / Linux or macOS. It is a tool designed to download direct download content, but it is used to download any type of element hosted on websites.

By default, when you copy a URL with jDownloader active, the program will load the web and will show you all the content you can download in the Link Capture tab. Here simply you will have to find the video you want and download it. And if it doesn’t work well, in this tab you can click on the Add Links button, and paste the URL of the web where the video you want to download is located.

As we have said, when you load a page, all the elements that you can download will be loaded, the multimedia ones. In the case, for example, of YouTube videos, in addition to the video, the audio or the cover image will also be loaded. Here, therefore, what you should do is press the video and choose the option to Add and Start Downloads. Ready, jDownloader will download the file to the folder you have configured for downloads.

You can also use web pages

exist websites specialized in downloading videos from any website, although they are not always as effective. Some have a limited list of services where they work, and others just don’t download high-resolution video unless you pay, or they may have cookies and other elements that collect data about you.

Here, one of the best websites is VideoCyborg, without cookies, free and with an extensive list of pages where you can download content, including YouTube or Facebook. It’s as easy to use as pasting the video’s URL, waiting for it to load, and then hitting the download button. There are similar pages like SaveFrom or YooDownload among many others, all with the same operation.

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