How to easily hide WhatsApp photos and videos from your mobile gallery

We are going to explain to you how to easily hide WhatsApp photos and videos from your mobile gallery. We have already told you some methods to do it, such as going conversation by conversation adjusting the multimedia files or creating external folders to save the files and make them invisible in the gallery of your mobile.

But now it’s time to make it easier, with an option that WhatsApp has in its configuration, and with which allows you to do this in a much easier way. With it, you can make all the multimedia files that are sent to you by WhatsApp at once hidden and stop appearing in the default gallery of your mobile.

Hide WhatsApp media files in your gallery

The first thing you have to do is open the WhatsApp application. In this case, we will not have to use any other third-party application or tool. Once open, click on the button with the three dots at the top right to display the options, and in them click on the Settings option.

Once you enter the WhatsApp settings, you have to click on the Chats category. This is the one that contains all the options related to the history, the appearance and the backup copies of all the conversations you have, so the management of the photos has also been included within.

Within the Chats options, you will see how a called Visibility of multimedia files appears, which is activated by default. Well, what you have to do is disable this option for Media File Visibility by pressing on the lever on your right. When you do, WhatsApp will stop showing recently downloaded media files in your phone’s gallery.

And that’s it, from now on the photos will stop going to the WhatsApp folder destined for the images and that were added to the gallery, and will go to a folder called Private. Therefore, you can still access them by hand, but they will no longer appear or bother you in the gallery alongside the photos you take with the camera.