With WhatsApp, it happens as with almost all message and file exchange tools: initially it has a very manageable weight but over time it inflates until it occupies a large part of the internal memory of our phone. Memories grow with almost every generation but cleaning up old and unnecessary files has always been a very healthy habit And now WhatsApp has made it a lot easier.

Some time ago, WhatsApp announced that it was preparing a new tool to manage the files downloaded to our phone through its conversations, groups and lists and after its passage through the beta version it is here. Specifically, the functionality becomes a new section of the settings that is called “Manage Storage “and you can use it as follows.

Free up space on WhatsApp with the official tool

As we said, the new WhatsApp internal storage management function is installed within the settings section so it is not necessary to download any external app or utility. Everything is inside the house and to use it we will only have to do the following. To get started, open the settings menu of WhatsApp, of course.

Once we are in the settings we only have to look for the fourth section whose name is “Storage and data“and access it. Inside we will see what we find”Manage storage “ at the top of the new options, and it will tell us, from the outset, how much space the downloaded files are occupying on our mobile phone.

Once inside, WhatsApp begins by telling us how much your downloaded files occupy and how much space we have available on the phone. In the case of finding large files (more than 5MB, more 15MB) or files forwarded many times we will have them summarized at the top to be able to access them directly. Right after we will have the different conversations and groups sorted from largest to smallest space used by your files. Here they all count: images, audio files, video files, documents …

We will only have to access the conversations that interest us to check what files it has associated with (and downloaded to our phone). With a simple click on them we can see them and with a long press the button will appear to send the file to the trash and thus free up space on our mobile phone. We leave you the summarized process below.

  • We access Settings
  • We access Storage and data
  • We access Manage storage
  • We access each conversation to delete the files we want

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