This year Google has taken the opportunity to update some of the icons of its applications. First it was Google Maps, then Google Photos, and finally the Google Workspace suite, including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Docs. If you are not convinced by the new Google icons, you can always go back to the ancients.

One of the advantages of Android is that it is easy to change the appearance of applications by installing an icon pack. It is a function that depends on the launcher, although today the vast majority of application launchers allow you to change the icons. We will see how you can easily go back to old icons for Gmail, Drive, Meet, Google Photos, Calendar and other applications.

Get an icon pack

The good news is that going back to the old icons is relatively easy. Many icon packs include copies of popular application icons, and icons for all Google applications are often included. The trick is to download an icon pack that keeps the original icons without modifications.

A quick search on Google Play will return several valid results, with terms like “Google icons” or “Pixel icons.” We have tried Pixel Pie Icon PackAlthough it would probably be worth it with many other similar icon packs. The easiest way to try it is to download it and have a try.

Pixel pie icon pack – free pixel icon pack

Change all icons …

The fastest way to return all icons to their classic layout is use icon pack completely. The process may vary depending on which launcher you are using, although it should not be very different from Nova Launcher, which is the one we will use as an example.

To configure an icon pack in Nova Launcher, you must go to Nova Settings and enter the Appearance section. Already in it, touch in Icons style, where you can configure the shape of the icons and the icon pack in use.

Touch in the first section, Icon theme, and then choose the icon pack that you downloaded earlier. In our case, it’s called the Pixel Icon Pack. If you later change your mind and want to go back to the normal icons, you will have to go back to this menu and choose System.

Go back to the home screen and you will see the change. Applications such as Drive, Meet, Photos or Google Calendar change to their old icon, which is the one included in the icon pack. Note that this method will change the icon of other appssuch as the camera app or the phone dialer.

… or just some

If you only want to change the icon of some applications and not all, you can also do it, although this is not possible in all launchers. Yes it is possible in Nova Launcher, and the process is relatively straightforward.

To achieve this, make a long touch on the application for which you want to change the icon -for example, the Calendar- and click on pencil button. Then tap on the icon and you can choose which icon you want to use.

Nova Launcher allows you to choose any image you have on your mobile as an icon, although it is easier for you to use an icon pack like the one we saw before. From the list, choose the icon pack and then choose the old icon, which will appear at the top. Note that it may take a few seconds for the list of icons to appear in the Nova Launcher selector.