How to get Google Discover news on Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI

Do you want to have easy access to Google news from your Xiaomi, the so-called Discover? In case MIUI does not offer you the option in the launcher, you can always pin a shortcut, use a launcher or access through the MIUI app safe

All Xiaomi mobiles come with the possibility of anchoring a desktop to the left of the interface, this is called Application safe or « Application safe », a smart space where you can find everything from weather information to recommended apps. Now what if you want to redeem it for Google News, the so-called Google Discover? Xiaomi has started including it in new mobiles, such as the Xiaomi Mi 10 and the Redmi Note 9 family. Although the company decides to expand it to more international mobiles, we will show you the ways to access the stream. Google news.

Use the Google search widget

It’s one of the easiest ways to access Google news from all xiaomi phones can use it, regardless of the model and version of MIUI (and almost all other Android). In fact, it’s more convenient than having Discover to the left of the desks because you just have to click on the widget to load the news.

In general, the search widget is usually preloaded on global Xiaomi mobiles. In case you didn’t or deleted it, you need to do the following:

  • Make the pinch gesture on your mobile desktop to display the launcher options.
  • Click on the « Widgets » icon.
  • Go to the Google section and click on its search widget to add it to the desktop.
  • If you don’t like the long widget, you can resize it until it only occupies two columns.

Once the widget is docked, you can access Google News by clicking on the « G » of said widget.

Use the MIUI app safe

The new MIUI international mobiles no longer have “App vault”, the so-called application vault: the Xiaomi Mi 10, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9S or Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro bring the Google Discover series. Older mobiles don’t have this option, but they can also use App Vault to access Google news.

This process involves an additional click on the widget without this little nuisance overshadowing the deployment of Discover. AND without having to change the look of your MIUI desks.

Change the launcher

If you want to emulate the behavior of Google Discover on non-Xiaomi mobiles and your MIUI launcher does not have the option in its settings, the only way to get it (for now) is via a third-party launcher. There are several that include the option, like the rootless launcher. We will choose this application for its simplicity, lightness and low consumption.

  • Download the launcher from Google Play.
  • Download the Apk to activate and install Google Discover.
  • Exit at the start of your Xiaomi and choose Launcher without root as the launcher.
  • Pinch on the desktop and go to « Home Settings ».
  • Activate ‘Show Google app‘and you will have the Discover news to the left of the desks.

Choose Discover if you already have it in your MIUI launcher

We were already saying that the new Xiaomi international mobiles come with Google Discover instead of App vault. So if you already have one on the market in 2020, you can check if you already have the option included in the MIUI launcher. For that:

  • Make the pinch gesture on the desktop of your Xiaomi and go to Settings.
  • Click on ‘More’.
  • Check the “Google Discover” option.

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