How to unlock or get the Alpha Threat card in Valorant?

By default, once you upgrade your Valorant client, you will get the Alpha Threat card in your player card inventory. Access the collection section from your main menu. Under Player Cards, you can find and equip the Alpha Threat card.

How long will the card be available?

Other than the map announcement, there is no news on how long the map will be available for claiming. Looking at Riot Games’ previous rewards models, the card will only be redeemable under current law.

What are the other Comic Style cards in Valorant?

Besides Alpha Threat, there are four different comic-based maps in Valorant: Shadow Walker, War Dogs, Legion, and Friendly Fire. They were available to all players through a mini battle pass when Episode 5 launched.

Please Stop Asking Our Employees For Valorant’s Fist Bump Gun Buddy, Riot Says

Riot released a PSA today on how Valorant players can earn a Fist Bump Gun Buddy charm. But really, it was Riot’s polite way of asking players to stop spamming dev Twitter DMs for charm, because players can only get charm by “showing good sportsmanship when playing games.” ‘a match with a Riot employee’.

Riot specifically pointed out that it’s not a good idea to ask a Riot employee for the charm. “There’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter can give out,” Riot said. “So they’re unlikely to give you one just because you asked for it – if anything, that lessens your chances.”

Riot also stated that no Rioter will ever offer players to sell a Gun Buddy and that submitting a ticket for a Gun Buddy while claiming good sportsmanship will not work either. The company added that following Rioters on Twitter and sneaking into their DMs won’t work either – guess what?

“You made us do this,” Felix Morgan, Head of Action Games at Riot tweeted. Greg Adler, League Operations Manager at Riot, also tweeted the PSA with a funny reaction to the look of his DMs – seagulls chanting “Mine”. Another Riot employee reminded Valorant players that Rioters often play incognito, so it’s best to play with good sportsmanship at all times.

There you have it, Valorant players: getting a Fist Bump Gun buddy will simply depend on your chance of encountering a Riot employee in a match.

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