The novelties of season 2 have landed in Call of Duty Warzone. If you want to know everything related to the mysterious yellow cards that appear in the games, here we tell you what you need to know.

The zombies have returned to Warzone aboard a sinister-looking freighter and in this a prize is guarded with suspicion that only the most daring players who are willing to face the horde will be able to get.

As part of the challenge of the new zombies mode, season 2 of the popular battle royale proposes a small challenge to its players. You’ve probably heard of yellow cards.

How to get the yellow card in Call Warzone Season 2 and what it is for

To complete this little mission you must go to the freighter that has docked in Verdansk and that he has brought the nasty zombies back. The Vodyanoy ship is near Prison and inside you will find a few zombies.

Your goal is to kill these undead. When you liquidate last you can get the yellow card. Be careful though, as there is only one per game and this is only delivered when the last zombie is finished, so there could be other players lurking around.

Now only the simplest part remains, use the yellow card to open the chest of supplies of the same color found on the ship. When you open the chest, it will give you a lot of money, plates and good quality weapons.

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