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How to install new fonts on Mac


How to install new fonts on Mac

Today we are going to teach you how to install fonts or fonts on Mac. With them you can use new fonts both in macOS and in any other program, something perfect to give a little more personality to the documents you write.

The process is going to be the following. First we are going to explain very briefly how and from which website you can download the fonts. Later we will tell you what is the very simple process of installing these fonts on Mac.

Installing fonts in Windows

The first step is to download the font you want to install. There are dozens of specialized pages where you can find them, but the most popular and largest with more than 30,000 different fonts is Dafont.com. On this website you just have to click on the font that you like the most and hit the Download button.

Next, go with the Finder to the macOS Downloads folder, where you will see the .zip file where the font is compressed. Double click on the zip and the operating system will take care of compressing it. When you do, a .otf file will appear in the folder, which is the source file.

Now you just have to do double click on the source .otf file, and a window will open where it will be previewed so that you can see its appearance. This window, on the bottom right, has an Install font button, and just by pressing it your font will be installed automatically.

When it is installed it will be opened directly macOS Font Catalog, where you can see all the fonts, those installed on the computer and those that the user has uploaded. At any time you want, you can right-click on a font to deactivate or completely remove its font.

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