How to integrate Google Translate into any Android application

We are going to explain to you how to integrate google translate into any application to translate texts and messages without changing app. If you usually talk with other people in languages ​​that are not yours, when writing you have solutions such as the translator integrated into the GBoard keyboard, but to translate what other people write to you or you read on the Internet the process is usually more rudimentary having to copy the text and switch app to translate it.

To fix this, the Android version of Google Translate has an option called Tap to translate. When you activate it, the translator stays in the background analyzing your clipboard, and when you copy a text it shows you the option to translate it. By doing this, the translator will appear in the foreground and will do the translation for you without having to leave the app in which you have that text.

Translate the text of any Android app

The first thing you have to do is enter Google Translate and open the options sidebar. To do this, click on the icon with the three stripes at the top left or slide your finger from the left side of the screen to the right. In doing so, in the menu you should click on the Settings option that will appear with the cogwheel icon.

Once you are in the settings you can see all the options available for the application. On this screen, click on the option Touch to Translate that will appear at the top to access it.

When you enter the option Touch to Translate, you will see that by default it is deactivated. To activate it, you have to click on the activation button to the right of Enable, a lever that will change position to indicate that the function has started to work. Doing so may cause a notification to appear warning you on Android, but you can remove it without problems.

Under Enable, you can click on an option called Preferred Languages, which will be available once you have enabled Touch to Translate. By clicking on Preferred languages, you can set the language of the translations, both your main one to which you want the texts to be translated and the language from which you are going to translate. In general, it will be configured with the language of your Android as the main one, and by default it will detect all the languages ​​to be translated, so you don’t need to change anything if you don’t want to.

Once the Tap to translate function is activated, go to the application of your choice. There, select a text and use the Copy option, either in a messaging application or on any web page through your browser.

When you copy a text in another language, a bubble with the Google Translate icon will appear on the screen. Click on that translator bubble when you want to translate the text that you have copied in any application.

And that’s it. When you click on that icon, Google Translate will overlap the application without closing it, showing you the translation of the chosen text. You will not have to switch between applications, because when you close the translator you will return to the app in which you were reading the text.