How to know if someone has you as best friends on Instagram

We are going to explain to you how to know if someone has you in the list of best friends of Instagram. The Instagram best friends list is a feature aimed at publishing stories, and allows you to create some stories that can only be seen by a select group of users that you have marked as best friends. Every time you post a story, you can decide to make it normal or send it only to best friends.

Unfortunately, there is no method that lets you know whether or not you are on one of these lists, although we can give you some clues so that you at least know how to identify when someone has added you. We are going to tell you where to look and how this best friend mechanic works so that you know how to identify when someone’s post is reaching you.

How to know if they have you in best friends.

The first thing you need to know is what exactly that best friends is about. Is about a list of users with whom you want to share separate stories. By default, Instagram shares the stories you upload with all users or with just a few that you can choose. The list of best friends comes to cover you in case you always choose certain specific people to share certain stories.

Its premise is that There are some Instagram stories that are best shared only with a few people you trust. Well, this new function allows you to configure a list with the people you trust the most, so that later you have it easy to share content only with them. Best Friends they only work with stories, and not with conventional publications.

For privacy reasons and to avoid anger, Instagram won’t let you know if you’re on someone’s best friends list. However, if you are attentive, you will be able to identify when a story arrives within that list, and that It will help you discover that that person does have you within your best friends.

The only way to know if you are on someone’s best friends list is to see that you have received a story from the best friends list. This is easy to identify, since around the profile picture of the person who publishes the story a green circle appears when addressed to best friends, so when you see it, it will be because that specific user does have you added to their list.

You should know that best friend stories can be alternated with normal ones, so on the main page you may not always see the green circle when someone has shared one for you. You can solve doubts by visualizing the stories themselves, since the green Best Friends label appears when one is addressed to you.

And these are the only 100% reliable clues you have. For the rest, it will be necessary to resort to deductions. If a person is to publish a lot of stories and suddenly stops doing it, one of the reasons could be that he has started directing them for best friends and you are not among them. The same is also true if I previously published more intimate stories, and now you only see the generic ones.

However, these are still deductions that you cannot be sure of. The best thing is to try not to blame yourself if you are not sure, or to add that person to best friends and post a story that she sees within that category to see if she is encouraged to add you. But try avoid misunderstandings not making unfounded deductions or accusations. You can only be sure when a person has added you and makes the posts that you can see.