How to limit who can reply to your tweets on Twitter

Today we are going to tell you how you can choose who can reply to your tweets on Twitter, a new privacy function that has already been activated for all users of this social network. With this setup there is a paradigm shift: you can still see all public tweets, but the publishers have control over who can reply to them.

It is possible to choose who can reply to your tweets only from the web version of Twitter and from the mobile application, in a practically identical way. This new option of who can reply is available only ** for new tweets ** and cannot be applied to past posts. We tell you how it works and how it is used.

Limit who can reply to your tweets

For many years, there have been two types of accounts on Twitter: public and private. In public accounts, anyone can see what they write, comment on their posts and retweet them, while in private accounts only those accounts that have been accepted as followers can do so.

With the change that Twitter has activated yesterday, now public accounts can restrict a bit who can interact with what they post. Anyone can continue to view the posts, but it is possible limit who can reply into two categories: the people you follow and the people who are mentioned in the post.

This change is already active on Twitter, and is accessible from the tweet writing window, by tapping on Anyone can answer (1). Then three options will appear: Everyone (the standard configuration so far), People you follow (2) and Only the people you mention.

The settings you choose will determine which accounts can reply (write a comment) to the post and which accounts cannot. These are the three options available today and their meanings:

  • Everyone. Anyone who sees the tweet can comment and reply to it, just like before.

  • People you follow. Only the accounts you follow will be able to comment and reply to this tweet.

  • Only the people you mention. It is the most restrictive option, and it is that only the people you mention directly in the tweet will be able to respond.

That is, if you choose the option Only the people you mention and in the tweet you mention the accounts @pepito and @fulanito, only these two people will be able to add comments. On the other hand, If you don’t mention any account, no one will be able to reply.

How other people see this option

When you change the default settings to prevent everyone from replying, this is visible to everyone else. A notice is included below the tweet A that specifies who can reply to the post.

On the other hand, it should be emphasized that this change affects only comments and not retweets. That is, even if the post has responses blocked for everyone, it is still possible to retweet it with a comment, just like always.