The iPhone has a very powerful tool called iCloud Keychain, a place where we can safely store all our passwords. Best of all, it syncs with all our devices and is capable of autofill usernames and passwords just by using our face or our finger.

But using iCloud, other password managers or entering the password manually, the normal thing is that this not see and appear hidden after a few dots or asterisks.

This function is fine, so you make sure that no one who can see your screen steals your credentials. But what if you want to know what password has been filled in? Some sites have the option to “Show password” but others do not. That’s why today we bring you a tutorial so you can know what that hidden password is.

The magic of shortcuts

We have already talked to you many times about the Shortcuts app. One of the best Apple apps that allow us to create small shortcuts for certain tasks. There are also thousands of created shortcuts that you can download for free.

One of these shortcuts is called Reveal Password, and has been created by redditor brandawg93. It only works in Safari, and it will convert black dots (•••••) or asterisks (*****) in your passwords into plain text.

Download Shortcut | Reveal Password

If you are concerned about security you just have to check the shortcut, the whole process is done on the device itself and is not shared. Pressing the link will open the Shortcuts app, or a Safari tab from which we can add it to Shortcuts.

Scroll down and click on Add rogue shortcut. Remember that you must have activated the option to add third-party shortcuts from Settings Allow unreliable shortcuts.

Know more: How to install “untrusted” third-party shortcuts on iOS

Now all you have to do when you come across a password with dots or asterisks in Safari is to activate this shortcut. To do this, press the share button, which is in the center of the bottom bar, and click on Reveal Password.

The first time it will ask for your permission to access the web allowing it to read information, but as we have mentioned, it is a safe shortcut that does not share or save your information. To the click on the shortcut, the dots will disappear and your password will be shown.

This is just one of the many useful shortcuts that currently exist, if you want to download more we recommend that you stop by here to see everything your iPhone can do.

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