How to manage the applications that have access to your Instagram account

Today we are going to explain how to manage the applications that have access to your Instagram account. Like most social networks, Instagram allows you to connect to your account from third-party applications. This allows you to improve the functions of the social network, although in return you will always be giving another application access to all your data.

Therefore, it is always useful to know how you can wallow access to these applications so that they stop obtaining your data. The process is simple, but you cannot do it through the mobile applications, and you will have to go to the official website.

Of course, before starting it is convenient to know that Instagram will tell you what information each application will access when you connect it on your bill. To do this, it will always redirect you to a box in which it will list and explain each type of access that the application is requesting, and it will ask you to give it permission to do so. However, as you will see now, you also have a way to manage these applications once you have connected them.

Revoke access to third-party apps on Instagram

The first thing you have to do is enter the official Instagram website, Once there, click on the Enter link which you will see at the bottom of the screen next to the question Do you have an account ?. You will go to a screen where you must enter your username and password to identify yourself.

Once you log in with your account, you will go to a main screen where you will see all the photos of your contacts as you see them in the mobile app. Here, click on the profile icon that you have on the top right in the shape of a bust.

Once you are in your profile, now you have to click on the Edit profile button that you have to the right of your username. You will go to a screen with multiple settings related to your profile on Instagram.

In the menu you will access, first press the option Authorized applications (1) that you have in the right column. When you do, in the center of the page you will see a list with each application that you have linked to your Instagram account. In each case you will have the description of the app and all the permissions that you are giving it. All you have to do here is press the Revoke access button that you have at the bottom of each one and voila.

The most common data applications will ask you for are your basic information, your friends list, and your public content. There will also be some that ask you for power give likes and leave comments on your behalf, and even being able to follow other accounts. Everything will depend on the type of application.

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