How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Mac

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the hugely successful fashion game that has revolutionized the world in recent weeks. In this game we will have to face up to 60 players to reach the objective first as we go through fun platforms, jump, catch and whatever else you can think of to be the first. A very fun game but it has a downside if you are an Apple lover: not available for macOS.

The most popular game of the moment only available for Windows and for PS4, Apple users therefore have the complicated task, as it is not available for iOS or macOS. However there is a way to be able to play Fall Guys from our Mac: install Windows. Fortunately, our MacBook or iMac is compatible with Windows, either through Boot Camp or by virtualizing the Microsoft system, so it is possible to play Fall Guys. I tried it myself on my iMac and was able to play it without a problem, I will tell you how I did it and the different ways to play.

Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from your Mac

As we told you it is perfectly possible to play Fall Guys from a Mac, the only thing we need is to install Windows on our device, in one of the possible ways. Of course, this is a process that will take some time, although later on you can also use Windows on your Mac without a problem.

What do you need

Being need to install windows you will need a copy of the system and an activation key, in addition, you also need a copy of the game, which is available on Steam. Finally, you have to choose how you want to install Windows, “natively” with Boot Camp or virtualize it with a specific application. Each method has its pros and cons, Boot Camp makes better use of your Mac’s resources, but you have to choose whether you want to use Windows or macOS when booting. With a virtual machine, you can use macOS and Windows at the same time, although you need a device powerful enough to do it well.

How to install Windows

There are two options available with their pros and cons. I I play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seamlessly by virtualizing Windows from Parallels on my 2019 iMac with a six-core Intel Core i5 processor, but depending on the power of each computer, one option or another will be more recommended for smooth gaming.

Install Windows with Boot Camp

Once you have downloaded your copy of Windows, all you have to do is enter Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac. It’s located in the Other apps folder, although you can also find and start it by clicking the magnifying glass on the top bar. Once the installation process is started, it is very simple, you just need to follow the marked steps, choose the hard drive partition size and wait for Windows installation. To switch between systems, simply restart your Mac and hold down the Option (or Alt) key ⌥and choose Windows or macOS.

Install Windows with a virtual machine

There are different virtual machines on macOS, VirtualBox and Parallels are the best known. Personally, I prefer the latter and this is the one I use. The good thing is that he has a 15 day trial period, so you can test Windows without problem and check if it is working fine on your computer, if not, you can opt for Boot Camp. The process is just as simple and the app will guide you at all times by selecting the different configurations available and installing Windows.

Comment installer Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Now that we have Windows installed on our Mac, we can play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. What we need to do is start Windows, from the virtual machine or restart the system, and on the Steam website to download its application for Windows and create an account if we don’t have one. Once the application is downloaded, we start it and we are looking for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and download the game, which will be installed on our Mac with Windows.

We may need to adjust the graphics to make the game behave properly, it will depend on your Mac specs, what kind of processor, graphics and disk you have will affect the performance of the game.

As you can see Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can be played on a Mac, although we will have to take a few more steps. A version for macOS does not appear to be released, so this is the only way to play this popular game. You will also have Windows installed which you can use for other tasks.

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