WhatsApp continues to evolve its privacy and security features, such as the addition of fingerprint protection and other mechanisms that have arrived or are on their way to the service. However, it has not yet been fine-tuned as much as, for example, to be able to apply specific restrictions to specific contacts.

We are going to show you now how to do that a specific contact (or several) cannot see our profile photoEither because we simply do not want to or because we detect that it is harassing or stalking us. Be that as it may, WhatsApp does not include a specific option for this but we can fix it with a couple of easy tricks to execute. We go with them.

Trick one: block contact

The simplest trick and also the most restrictive. Block a contact on WhatsApp it will automatically prevent you from seeing our profile picture or our status. What happens is that we will not be able to continue talking with said contact because communications through WhatsApp are completely cut off, and perhaps that is not our intention.

Either way, blocking a contact on WhatsApp is as simple as following these steps:

  • We open a conversation with the contact, existing or new.
  • We go to the three vertical buttons to display the conversation options.
  • Click on ‘View contact’.
  • We go down to the bottom of its file and click on ‘Block contact’.
  • We verify we want to block it voluntarily and that’s it.

When blocking a contact we will no longer be able to talk to him / her or add him to groups

Another option to block the contact directly without going to your contact form is the following:

  • We open a conversation with the contact, existing or new.
  • We go to the three vertical buttons to display the conversation options.
  • Click on ‘Plus’ to display extra options.
  • Click on ‘To block’.
  • We verify with a new ‘Block’ that we want to block it voluntarily. Here we have an additional option that is ‘Report and block’ in case we also want to notify WhatsApp of abusive behavior.

Trick two: limit who sees your profile picture

The least restrictive option but also the most precise is what we really want to do, which is to prevent a contact from seeing our profile picture. Using this trick we can continue, if we wish, talking to said contact normally and the flow of information will continue uninterrupted in both directions. But you will not be able, we repeat, to see our profile photo.

To do this, we will first need to define in WhatsApp who can see our profile photo, and that is done as follows:

  • We open WhatsApp and go to the ‘Settings ” (at the vertical points at the top right).
  • Once in Settings we go to ‘Bill’.
  • Now it’s time to access’Privacy’.
  • The second option here will be ‘Profile picture’, click and specify that we only want our contacts to see it. This is done by choosing ‘My contacts’.

It is done, we have limited who can see our profile picture. We have specified to WhatsApp that only those people who we have in the phone contacts or WhatsApp itself will be able to see it, which are the ones that the app recognizes when linking names with their accounts and allowing us to establish conversations.

Once we have established that only our contacts will be able to see our profile photo, we will only have to delete the contact that we do not want to see from our contact list. As simple as that. It will be enough to open the contacts app, locate it and delete the complete contact or its phone number (if we want to keep addresses, emails or other data). This way the conversation will remain open and active but our profile photo will be invisible to him. Or for her.

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