How to receive notifications from the accounts you follow on Instagram

We are going to teach you to receive notifications when an account of your interest publishes content on Instagram. It is an option that we can activate from the Instagram application itself and that will notify us when the accounts we want upload content.

In the same way we can filter the contents of which we will be notified, so that each of the publications does not reach us, if it is not what we want. The only requirement is to follow the user on Instagram with our account, since the process is quite simple.

How to activate post notifications on Instagram

The first thing we have to do is find the profile of the person we want to receive notifications from. We just have to go to the Instagram search engine and write the name of the account. As we anticipated, it is necessary that we continue to this account, since if we do not we will not be able to see the option to activate the notifications.

Once we have entered the user’s profile and we follow it, we will see a bell at the top of your profile. This bell is the one that will allow us to activate user notifications, so we click on it. Here we will see four options.

  • Publications
  • stories
  • IGTV
  • Live videos (all, some, disable)

As we can observe, we can configure what we want to receive notifications about, a very comfortable way to customize the notifications that we are going to receive. The settings we save here will apply only to the account we are on, so we will have to repeat the process manually with the rest of the accounts, in case we want to receive notifications from other people.

It will also be necessary to have the general Instagram notifications active., a point to check if our customization layer is aggressive and deactivates them by default after a few minutes.