How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages with Automatic RDM Including Videos and Photos

Despite the fact that WhatsApp messages are deleted for everyone, it is still possible to recover them. And applications like Auto RDM allow it: this free application can automatically restore deleted text messages, photos and videos. And many other functions, such as writing a WhatsApp number without adding it to the phonebook.

How many times have you seen the “Message deleted” notice in a conversation and wondered what the contact would have said to delete it? Applications like WhatsApp allow go back in time to go back and delete the share, but there is still a trace. And apps like Auto RDM can grab it: with this new app, you can see what was said in your groups even if you weren’t reading. Everything in a comfortable way: the app itself take care to alert you if a message has been deleted.

Message and multimedia content restorer

The “magic” that makes these apps work is in the notification service: since WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and the company report all interactions, this trace is registered as long as there is an application that remains vigilant. There are many apps of this style, we have recommended one ourselves. And Auto RDM won us over for its simplicity and efficiency, because it allows you to retrieve multimedia content and also because it offers very useful additional functions.

Automatic RDM is clean enough in terms of permissions and privacy, although the risk is implicit in its use: given that should read all notifications from your phone, you must understand that its use compensates you. Beyond that, Auto RDM accesses the storage (to save deleted files), asks to start automatically (so that no message escapes) and to avoid energy savings (to always stay late). It’s clean enough to recommend.

The design is simple, also quite polished. You can add any application: Automatic RDM will monitor it for deleted content. WhatsApp is the most obvious use, but you can also use Auto RDM to retrieve conversations from Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Instagram, Direct, for example.

Automatic RDM will notify you if someone has deleted a message, text and video or photo

The app will continuously monitor notifications of deleted messages. And when it detects them, it sends you a warning: you can read these messages in the Chats column (they are divided by contact and conversation). In case the deletion is a photo or video, this content will be recorded in the ‘Media’ column– You can get it back even if it disappears from conversations. And if you want Auto RDM to monitor specific words, you can add them in the ‘Vigilante’ tab: the app will send you a notification of all threads that use those words (very useful for avoiding wedding invitations).

In addition to recovering messages, Auto RDM allows you to clean your phone from files downloaded by WhatsApp, you can save their states and even includes a very useful option: send messages without the contact being in your directory. What do you want to talk to the plumber for example? Use the ‘Direct Chat’ option (bottom right), write their number and tell them what you want. A conversation will be created on WhatsApp without you having to save their phone number, but they will see yours.

Automatic RDM works great, but there are several recommendations to keep in mind:

  • The app cannot recover messages deleted before installation.
  • Voice memos cannot be recovered.
  • The automatic RDM cannot save messages if you have opened the chat where they were deleted: remember that there must be a notification for there to be a recording.
  • It is not necessary to deactivate the notifications: in this case, the deleted messages could not be read.

You can download Auto RDM and use it for free without any problem, although it does include ads. These can be removed with an in-app purchase of 2.19 euros. What do you want from the free premium version? The developer gives codes to XDA developers.

Source: Frandroid