How to republish an Instagram image on your Instagram story

Today we will see how you can republish someone else’s Instagram image to your own story of Instagram, a novelty that is now beginning to reach all users of this social network.

Although Instagram was testing last year to allow you to republish other people’s photos (sometimes called Regram), for now you can only republish other people’s photos in your instagram story and not as normal post.

Republic Instagram photos

To republish any Instagram photo (both yours and others), tap on the send icon below said photo. The icon has the drawing of a paper plane and is used both to send the photo to other people in a private message and to republish it on your Instagram stories.

In the next step you must choose where you want to send the image, whether to a chat conversation on Instagram Direct or to your own story. If you choose a chat conversation, the post is sent instantly, but if you choose Add post to your story the story editor opens, where you can add stickers, animated GIFs, text, and more.

The photo you are republishing will be added to the publication as a sticker: you can move, rotate and make bigger or smaller. By tapping on it you can also toggle between the two available designs. Of course, you can add stickers, animated GIFs or draw pictures, just like in any other publication.

When you have finished decorating the scene, press the button Send to to add the post to your Instagram story. In fact, you can choose again if you want to publish it in your story or send it to one of your friends in the next step.

Finally, press the button Share next to Your story. The rest of the suggestions correspond to other chats on Instagram Direct, where you can send the image. The difference between this selection box and the one we saw at the beginning is that this one sends your composition and the first one we saw sent only the original publication.

Those who see your publication in Instagram Stories that contains the republication of another photo, will be able to tap on the photo to go to the original post, because when you touch a speech bubble that says View publication is displayed.

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