How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages from backup

Today we are going to explain how to restore WhatsApp messages from backup. In the past we have already explained how to save your WhatsApp conversations in a backup copy and now it’s time to use those saves to be able to recover a conversation that we have deleted by mistake.

In essence, doing it is as easy as reinstalling the application, although you also have to take into account some things about the operation of backups to know if that is enough or not. In any case, so that everything is clear, we are going to explain what you should know about these backups when saving your conversations, and then the process to recover your messages.

First fine-tune your backups.

When a backup is made, WhatsApp overwrites the data from the previous copy in Google Drive, so if you have deleted a conversation and the copy is saved without it, you will have lost it. If you want to restore a message, it must be saved in the backup copy, so it has to be recent enough that it has been saved to one, but not too recent that WhatsApp has not deleted it by overwriting another copy.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is go to Settings> Chats> Backup in WhatsApp, and once you are there click on the option Save to Google Drive to choose how often you want WhatsApp backups to be automatically saved.

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp allows you to configure various saving frequencies for backups, and there is even an option Only when I touch “Save” so that you can manually decide when they are done. Therefore, the important thing is that be aware of what your configuration is to know what margin you have when recovering a deleted message that may remain in your backup.

Restore messages from backup

The first step to restore a backup with your messages is to uninstall WhatsApp. This can be done from the mobile application drawer, depending on the manufacturer it is done in one way or another, but also simply by entering the application store, going to the WhatsApp profile and pressing the Uninstall button.

After uninstalling WhatsApp, now you have to reinstall the application. To do this, press the Install button in the application store and wait for the operation to complete. This is so because at the moment WhatsApp only restores the backup copies when you install the app.

Once you reinstall WhatsApp, start it again and go through the process of setting it up. Enter your phone number when asked (1) after accepting its terms, and after click Next (two).

And when you confirm your phone number, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore the backup it has detected. This is the key step, because it will restore all the messages that were in the backup, even those that you deleted, but whose deletion was not saved in a later backup.

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