See the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac It is something that we may need on more than one occasion. Whether it’s to watch a series, play games on a bigger screen, or simply because we need the iPad or iPhone screen to look on the Mac. Fortunately, we have two options to do so.

Learn how to mirror the iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac

How to mirror iPad and iPhone screen on Mac

To be able to reproduce the screen of our iOS device on the Mac we have two options. We can use the cable and connect it to the computer, or we can use AirPlay and do it wirelessly. Although this last time we will need an app on the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using a cable

If you use this option you won’t have to download any additional app or program on your Mac, with what we already have installed, it is enough for us and we have plenty. Here are the steps to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Mac using a cable:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac with the charging cable.
  • Unlock the device and click on Trust this computer if the message appears.
  • Now on your Mac look for the application QuickTime Player.
  • In the top bar click on File New video recording.

QuickTime Player is the solution

  • You will see how the webcam starts.
  • Next to the record button, click on the little arrow that appears.
  • At Camera section select your iPhone or iPad.
  • You will see automatically the screen of your iPhone or iPad on your Mac.

You will see the screen of your device at the moment and live

This system is designed to record the screen of our iPhone or iPad, Nevertheless the sound of a video or movie does not play. Although it can be interesting when sharing the screen of our device from the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using AirPlay

The Easiest way to mirror iPhone or iPad screen is always using AirPlay. However, for some strange reason, Apple doesn’t have Macs turned on as AirPlay receivers.

That is, there is no way to activate AirPlay on the Mac so that it works similar to an Apple TV. But we do have applications that we can install on the Mac that activate AirPlay to be able to duplicate the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac wirelessly.

The AirPlay icon

These are the best applications to have AirPlay on the Mac, they can all be try for free, although then you have to pay to activate them:

  • AirServer. Free trial for 30 days. Available for Mac and Windows and priced from € 6.99.
  • X-Mirage. 15-day free trial. Available for Mac and Windows and priced at $ 16.
  • Reflector 3. Free trial for 7 days. Available for Mac, Windows, Android and FireTV and a price of € 19.36.

LonelyScreen it was one of the most famous apps, but not working on new versions of macOS, so until the developer updates it, we cannot recommend it.

Once you have one of these apps installed, you just have to start it on your Mac, and these will appear on your iPhone or iPad as AirPlay devices. Just follow these steps:

  • To mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Mac, slide the Control center, click on Screen mirroring Y select your Mac.
  • To send a video, just tap on the airplay icon Y select your Mac.
  • To stop duplication just follow the same steps.

AirPlay functions on the iPhone

The good thing about using AirPlay is that everything is wireless, and that we keep the original audio. Which makes it perfect for sending videos and multimedia content from iPhone or iPad to Mac. My advice is to download the free versions and try which one works and then choose the best one.

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