WhatsApp has revolutionized instant messaging. We use it daily to chat in real time, even on the other side of the world, to make calls, share various content. You can even use an account on two mobiles simultaneously! Obviously, there are not only advantages, there is also the disadvantage of being blocked by certain people without being warned. It’s part of the game! But strangely, this application seems to sympathize with its users: it is full of clever functions to circumvent certain inconveniences. Even if you have been banned from a contact list, you can still satisfy your curiosity by checking the profile picture of the person who blocked you. WhatsApp’s policy is clear: you can’t see their last online information, whether that person is online, or their status updates. On the other hand, via a little unknown technique, you can still continue to see the profile photo of this contact. As a bonus, to enable this option, you won’t even need to download any app.

How it works ?

To apply this trick, you need to follow a few small steps, which will only take you a few minutes.

As a bonus, it is important to note that once this trick is done, it will also be possible to write messages to this person, even if only the administrator will be able to see their replies.

  • Ask a friend or relative to create a WhatsApp group and invite that famous person who blocked you.
  • Ask your friend to add you as a group admin.
  • Eliminate all group participants as you go, except the user who blocked you. Don’t forget to activate the setting that reveals your profile picture to everyone except your usual contacts.
  • After performing these steps, you will be able to see both the profile picture and send messages to this person. If unfortunately this does not work, then you can ask your friend to take a screenshot of the photo to send it to you.
  • Keep in mind that if this person refuses to chat with you and leaves the group, you will no longer be able to stay in contact with them.
  • Blocking or deleting a contact has become an easy and common way to avoid communicating with certain people. It is also the best option to preserve privacy and personal information. But, since WhatsApp does not warn us of a possible blockage, how can we guess it?

Regarding this social network, there are a series of indicators to find out if a contact has been blocked by another. For example, if you’re online and can’t see their profile picture or their last login time, this contact may have blocked you. However, it is also possible that this person has set up their profile voluntarily so that no one can see their information. So the doubt remains!

However, there are 3 other clearer ways to dispel your doubts:

  • To do this, simply send messages to that contact who may have blocked you. If you find that it receives only one gray tick (indicating the message sent) for a long period of time, without ever splitting or turning blue, then it is very likely that the blockage is current.
  • Another important indicator: if the WhatsApp application itself does not allow you to make a call to this person. No more doubts on the horizon!
  • Finally, you can also try adding this user to any group to see if WhatsApp allows you or not. If the answer is negative, and if he already fulfills the other conditions, it clearly means that he has blocked you.

how to use reactions to new posts

For now, reactions to WhatsApp messages can only be used in the mobile version of the messenger.

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