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How to see which folders on your hard drive take up the most

How to see which folders on your hard drive take up the most

Today we will see how you can consult which folders on your hard drive take up the most. For this we will use the free WinDirStat application, a very veteran application that has hardly changed in the last ten years and is still as useful today as then.

WinDirStat analyze all the content of your hard drive and it tells you what percentage of the total space on your hard drive each folder occupies. In addition, it shows graphics with the distribution of space and lets you know what types of files are hogging your hard drive.

Install WinDirStat

The first thing you will need is WinDirStat, available for Windows and Mac. It is an open source program that you can download from its official website. The version for Windows can be obtained by visiting this page and clicking on Download WinDirStat Windows Installer.

The installation of WinDirStat is quite simple in such a way that basically you just have to mark that you accept the license terms and repeatedly press the Next button. There are no nasty surprises like toolbars or installation of other applications.

Now, you may be interested in checking the box to add the spanish language pack in the second step of the installation. However, WinDirStat is extremely easy to use and has hardly any text, so you could probably use it in any language.

Analyze your hard drive

When the installation is finished you will have the option to automatically start WinDirStat and, if not, you can always open it from its access in the Start Menu. In the first window you must specify what drives of your hard disk do you want to analyze or simply press OK to analyze them all. You choose.

Next I advise you to make yourself a coffee or take a nap, as the analysis of the hard disk that it may take several minutes depending on the capacity and speed of your hard drive. You can see the progress percentage in real time in the title bar and in a progress bar at the bottom of the window.

When the analysis is finished the result will be similar to the previous one. In the upper part of the window the folders on your hard drive are displayed sorted by size, with the possibility of expanding any folder to see the size of its subfolders.

Doing click on one of the colorful blocks the file in question will be sent to you at the top of the window, so you can see at a glance which files are taking up a large amount of space.

Similarly, by clicking on one of the file formats that appear in the right pane will be highlighted with a White border the blocks that are made up of files of that extension.

WinDirStat does not free up space for you on the PC, it it just shows you how much each folder is occupying. You will be the one to analyze the results and take action (for example, deleting unnecessary files or moving them to another hard drive).

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