How to set a wallpaper in Safari 14 for macOS Big Sur, Catalina or Mojave

Version 14 of Safari that has already arrived in Mojave and Catalina and that will soon arrive with Big Sur allows us customize the home page with various options. Various options include being able to show or hide sections such as Favorites or Reading List as well as setting an image as the page background.

A wallpaper for our browser

The home page of our browser is probably one of the ones we see the most after a day browsing the web. In it we find our favorites, the reading list, Siri suggestions, etc., making it our gateway to the network. Knowing this in macOS Big Sur Apple has given a redesign to this page and also added customization options so that we can leave it to our liking.

Adding a wallpaper image is an interesting option, especially if we want to avoid the typical characteristic gray background. The steps to choose and set the image are as follows:

  • We open the Safari app on our Mac with macOS Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur.
  • We press Command (⌘) + T to open a new tab.
  • In the lower right part we touch the button in the form of three lines.
  • We activate the option Background image.
  • Once activated we can choose one of the default images offered by Apple or touch the “+” button to choose one from our Mac.
  • If we have already configured an image previously and we want to deactivate it, we simply follow the previous steps and deactivate the corresponding option. Also if we want to replace the custom image with another simply we touch the little cross on it and then the “+” to select another.

    Year after year, browsers are taking more and more relevance in our daily activities, since they open the door to many activities. From watching movies to writing a document or searching for certain information, Safari is becoming more and more necessary. With macOS Big Sur Apple recognizes this trend and provides the browser with interesting new features, some of them even allow us to put a wallpaper on it.