How to show notifications from WhatsApp or other applications on your Xiaomi Mi Band

Today we are going to explain how to show notifications from WhatsApp or other applications on your Mi Band. We are facing a smart bracelet that has gained its popularity thanks to its adjusted price, which does not prevent it from having some more than interesting functions such as showing you the notifications of your mobile applications.

Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate this option and choose the application whose notifications you want to show. It is a simple process, but will require that the mobile is always close to the bracelet and connected to it, since if not it will be impossible to send the information of these notifications.

Notifications from your app on the Mi Band 3

The first thing you have to do is open the Mi Fit application on your mobile device, in which you must have previously linked your Mi Band. In it, enter the Profile tab that you have in the bottom menu of the screen, and once inside click on the name of your Mi Band which will appear at the beginning, in the My devices section.

When you click on the name of your bracelet, you will enter its options menu. In this menu you have to click on the Application Alert option, which by default will appear deactivated but you can activate it from within.

Once inside Application Alerts, click on the tab that appears to the right of the Application Alert option so that the function remains active. Remember that to work, the Mi Band will always be running in the background, something that will allow you to do this but could slightly affect the autonomy of your device.

When you do this, you will go to a window in which you are informed that if you activate this function, the Mi Fit will remain running in the background to communicate with your bracelet at all times. Click on Got it to confirm that you want to activate the option. Once you have activated it, your Mi Band or connected Xiaomi device will receive notifications from the applications that you add to the list.

When you activate the option, you will return to the previous screen, where you can start adding the applications whose notifications you want to send to the Mi Band. To do it, click on the Manage applications button that you have at the bottom of the screen.

You will enter a window in which all the applications that you have installed on your mobile will appear. Here simply activate the applications whose notifications you want to send to your bracelet. If you later regret it, you can return here to activate or deactivate the applications you want as many times as you need.

In the Alerts menu of applications You can also activate the option Receive only when the screen is locked. This is an option so that notifications do not arrive repeatedly, so that they will only be sent to your bracelet when your mobile screen is off or locked.