In recent weeks, given the changes in WhatsApp at the privacy level, alternatives such as Signal or Telegram are in the conversation. Given the increases in downloads, both applications are being updated to try to attract and retain more users, with a recent relevant change in Telegram: the possibility of importing conversations from WhatsApp.

In version 7.4, available both for iOS and in beta in the case of Android, we can now export WhatsApp chats to Telegram, in order to have both a cloud backup of said chats and add them to the conversation with that person so as not to start from scratch.

Telegram and WhatsApp messages now get along better

As reported in SamaGame, Telegram already allows us to transfer our history of applications such as WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk to Telegram. So, We can have the conversations we had on WhatsApp in the application something that, before this function, could be an impediment to using a service other than Facebook.

The imported messages will appear as such, with a small indication to know that they arrive from another application

We must bear in mind that When we export the chats they will appear in Telegram with a small indication of ‘imported’, not as standard messages. Despite this, the function is more than useful, since we can move WhatsApp chats to Telegram in a matter of seconds.

How to transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram

If we want to export a WhatsApp conversation to Telegram, it will be necessary to install beta 7.4 if we are using Android and update to the stable version in the case of iOS, where it is already available. On both iOS and Android, the process is very simple. If you use Android, you can download the beta from here.

  • Open the WhatsApp conversation you want to export
  • Click on the menu button ⋮
  • Hit ‘export chat’
  • Click on ‘include files’ if you want the photos, videos and GIFs to be sent
  • Choose to export them to Telegram (you can export them to the chat you want)
  • Wait for the process to finish

Ready. When we do this process we will have in the conversation that we want all the chats imported from WhatsApp, multimedia content included. Remember that Telegram is an application that locates your chats in the cloud, so you will have access to them from Telegram Web, opening Telegram on any other mobile and it will not be necessary for you to make more backups from that moment.

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