How to unlock all the secret retro levels of Streets of Rage 4

The retro phases of Streets of Rage 4 are one of the best secrets in the game, taken directly from the most iconic title in the series, Streets of Rage 2.

The truth is that they are a bit hidden, so it is possible that in your first complete game of Story Mode you will not see any of them.

Here’s how the retro phases of Streets of Rage 4 work and how to find the location of all retro levels.

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How to unlock retro stages in Streets of Rage 4

Hidden in the twelve stages of Story Mode are four unlockable scenes from Streets of Rage, which are fully playable and feature cameos from old characters, all under a CRT filter to still bring nostalgia to the matter.

You get an achievement / trophy for the first retro level you find in Streets of Rage 4.

They are confrontations against bosses on a single screen, and you must defeat them with a single life because otherwise they will kick you out of the secret level. If you complete them successfully, they will reward you with a useful item, such as a star or a food that fills your entire life bar.

This is not a particularly attractive prize, but at higher difficulty levels these items can be quite useful. In any case, exploring these retro levels using the new Streets of Rage 4 moves is a reward in itself.

Streets of Rage 4 retro phase locations

Unlocking the retro stages of Streets of Rage 4 is pretty straightforward, actually. Simply find arcade machines on stage with the marquee with the text ‘Bare Knuckle’ (a reference to the title of Streets of Rage in Japan) and then search for a taser nearby.

To access the retro phase what you have to do is hit those arcade machines with the taser. Doing so will transport you to a 16-bit world, recalling iconic moments from the second game. Here we detail the location of the four retro phases that are in Streets of Rage 4.

Retro Level 1 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Phase 2 (Police Station)

The first unlockable level that you will find in the game is also one of the most difficult to unlock, since you will need to take the taser of one of the policemen that you find when escaping from your cell.

Our advice is to get rid of the police quickly and then take care of the rest of the enemies, all this being careful not to take the taser that is on the ground, since it breaks after a single use and without it you cannot access the secret level.

If you do it right, you can enjoy meeting the first boss of Streets of Rage 2, the Navajo punk Jack.

Retro Level 2 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Phase 4 (Old Dock)

The Predator-type bug on the fairground screen in Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most memorable moments, so it’s great that the creators of Streets of Rage 2 have brought it back for the second retro level.

At the end of the fourth phase, on the old dock, you will find an arcade machine. Take the taser from one of the policemen, enter the room from the right, and hit the arcade with the taser to unlock the secret level.

Retro Level 3 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Phase 5 (Sewers)

The third retro level is pretty easy to unlock, as long as you don’t break the machine by eliminating enemies. At the bar, the arcade is at the back, while the taser can be found by breaking one of the nearby tables.

In this case, you will unlock the Streets of Rage 2 match against Abadede, a wrestling fighter with a suspicious appearance similar to that of the mythical WWF icon of the 90s, the Last Warrior.

Retro Level 4 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Phase 8 (Art Gallery)

The art gallery is one of the most visually spectacular phases of Streets of Rage 4, and this is where you can unlock the climactic final showdown of Streets of Rage 2.

Just before reaching the final boss of the art gallery, you will find an arcade stored in the warehouse, and the taser you need to unlock the secret level is located next to it, glowing in the dark.

That’s all for how to access the retro levels of Streets of Rage 4, but it’s not the only secret behind this brilliant new video game. If you want to know how to get all the unlockable characters, including those with 16-bit style, you can consult our guide to characters and unlockable modes of Streets of Rage 4.